Beauty tips for teenage girls, Homemade Beauty Tip for Teenage Girls

Beauty Tips for Teenage School Girls
I am sure many of you have already gone through that phase of your life or some of you might still be in school. Though school going girls are beauty conscious since they have just started to grow up, they don’t have the maturity to beautify their own selves exactly in the way they should. They will either be too negligent regarding the proper skincare routine or hair care and focus only on makeup and styling or they’ll overdo everything with the wrong poor quality brands. So here are some essential beauty tips to guide school girls to the right track:-

1.Moisturize your hair
Hair is the most important part of your beautiful looking appeal. It is essential to keep you hair healthy. Just because you want to lose weight and are starving yourself, you are forgetting that you are also keeping away the nutrients from your hair and skin. Thus it is essential to maintain a healthy diet with sufficient nutrients to keep your hair strong and healthy. It is also essential to oil your hair. You can use almond, coconut or olive oil for moisturizing it. Just heat the oil before apply and massage it on your scalp for blood circulation and letting your hair grow with strength.

 Our grandparents use to pluck leaves from henna plant and grind it after which they apply it over their hair to keep their hair healthy. But today people will no more have to take such trouble as henna powder is readily available in the market. All you have to do is soak it in warm water over night and apply it next day morning. Wash away with mild shampoo.

3.Drink water
The best beauty tip for any teenage girl is to consume as much water as they can. Water brings the glow and charm on your skin by removing all the toxic an unwanted waste from your skin. It regulates the blood circulation and allows you to look beautiful. Thus make sure that you have lots of water.

4.Interest fresh fruits and veggiesMost 
school going teens these days will devour all sorts of fast foods greedily but have no interest in fresh fruits and veggies. But those are the food items that can give them a beautiful skin and healthy hair. Also they should drink plenty of water to hydrate their system thoroughly and flush out toxins from their body for a spotless skin.

5.Skin Cleaning 
Teenagers are open to the dust, carbons and sunlight when they are out throughout the day to attend their college or an outing with friends. Thus, skin cleaning is an effective step which you should never forget. You can use a cleaners or a face wash of a branded company early in the morning when you get up from bed and again when you come back from home. This will help your skin clean and away from dust and harmful materials.

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