14 Home Remedies for Burning Tongue

14 Home Remedies for Burning Tongue

Some of the most useful and easy home remedies for the treatment and cure of burning tongue are listed below:

1.Aloe Vera
Applying Aloe Vera gel over the burning tongue two or three times a day can relieve the burning sensation.

2.Ice Cubes

 Application of ice cubes over the burning areas may reduce the pain in those areas.

3.Sugar Free Gum
Chewing sugar free gum can temporarily relieve the burning sensation.

4.Baking Soda
Baking soda can be used for brushing the teeth, instead of commercial toothpaste.

5.Nutritional Diet
 Iron-rich food like dates, bran flakes, sesame seeds, and cashew nuts can also be taken. Also, diet with leafy vegetables, juices, food rich in vitamins B1, B2, B12, zinc, etc can reduce the burning sensation.

6.Triphala And Babool Decoctions
Gargling with a decoction prepared of the ayurvedic herb, triphala, is a good home remedy for burning tongue. This is said to be cooling for the tongue.

7.Tabasco Sauce
A mouth rinse with water and a few drops of Tabasco sauce can relieve the pain in the tongue. A chemical known as capsaicin present in the Tabasco sauce depletes a pain signalling chemical in the nerve cells, thereby relieving the associated pain.

Rinsing the mouth with cold apple juice can cool the burning tongue.

Eating papaya can heal the burns with its enzymes that can rejuvenate the burnt skin.

10.Black Tea
The cool extracts of black tea can be applied over the burning tongue. The extracts can be collected by soaking 2-3 tea bags in a cup of water and boiling them. Tannic acid present in the tea absorbs the heat, then cools and soothes the burn.

About 20 drops of the herb, Echinacea, can be taken as a remedy for burning tongue.

Honey can be applied over the tongue like an ointment. It helps in reducing the inflammation.

13.Herbal Juices
If the burning tongue syndrome is attributed to a deficiency of gastric acid in the stomach, then the intake of juices of herbs like dandelion, worm wood, plantain, black radish, and nettle can cure this syndrome.

14.Lavender Oil
Lavender oil can be applied over the burned tongue using cotton dabs to reduce the pain and to promote rapid healing.

Also, drinking plenty of water can absorb the heat in the burning area and relieve the burning sensation. Intake of hot and spicy food should be avoided. If the pain exists, it is advisable to see a doctor as soon as possible.
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  1. When you burn your tongue, all you want is to know when it will get better. Burning your tongue is a common nuisance when you don't notice how hot your food or drink was before taking a bite or sip. Well, you can easily get rid of this problem with the help of Burning Tongue Home Remedies . It is very easy to apply at home at any time. Herbal Remedies for Burning Tongue are the best natural ways and they are completely safe for use.


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