Paris Hilton shares her beauty secrets, Paris Hilton Beauty Secrets

Paris Hilton Beauty Secrets 
Paris Hilton has dropped off the celebrity radar over the last few years, yet her business empire of beauty related products still flourishes. She definitely knows how to stay beautiful and make money doing so! Her look is campy over the top glam as opposed to the toned down supermodel look. If you have the personality of the glam girl you would like Paris Hilton’s look. Her beauty products also do well with the younger pre-teens who are playing glam dress up and makeup games.

Paris rocks the one piece swimsuit with cutouts. She appeared in a black one piece in ads for Carls Junior. The photo of Paris doing a photo shoot in Malibu from splash news shows her again wearing a sexy cutout all white one-piece swimsuit, a classic example of her high society look.

1.Paris Hilton Fashion
With Paris, there is no shortage of Satin, diamonds, and sky high stilettos. Paris wears mini skirts, low cut tops, and bottom baring tight jeans to accentuate her figure. Her style sense is a little over the top and loud. Satin, shimmer, studs, hair accessories and jeweled adornment are right up her alley. Some style critics have given her scathing reviews yet she sticks to her own sense of style and owns it. She at one point landed on Blackwell’s list of worst dressed celebrities even. Some say tacky, others say smart because her beauty product empire is flourishing. She marches to the beat of her own drum! Her glamour doll look has won her a huge fan following and she is a fashion diva in her own right.

2. Rock the lipgloss.
Paris was rocking a fierce look in our interview. She was wearing a sleeveless cream top and black skirt by BCBG and hot pink Christian Dior shoes. Ladies and gents, you know how your girl loves the shoes. I briefly thought about stopping the interview to have my photographer (El Hub) take shots of Paris’ fantabulous footwear, but alas, I only had six minutes to get through all my questions. So sorry, fellow shoe lovers!
For her makeup, Paris wore a silver, sparkly eye with thick black liner on the top lid along with a soft flushed cheek. She had on MAC shadow and Max Factor blush. The focal point of her look was a pink lip topped with a layer of Chanel Glossimer lipgloss in Astral #104. “I love the glitter in it,” she said.
For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to motivate myself to do stuff by using Chanel makeup as a self-motivator — i.e. Karen does ‘X’ tasks and gets two tubes of Chanel lipgloss — but after seeing Paris wearing Glossimer, I’m afraid I’m going to cave, like, really soon. Perhaps tomorrow, even. Girlfriend’s lips looked *super hot*.

3.Paris Hilton Diet and Exercise
Paris keeps her frame svelte by working out regularly with weights. She combines an exercise regime with a healthy diet. To keep her body toned and lean for the summer bikini season, she does Pilates and cardio in the gym, along with using the weights. 
Teddy Bass a celebrity personal trainer, shared some of his exercise tips for Paris with readers of Fitness magazine. He has Paris do sit-ups to get sculpted flat abs. 
Lie on the back with knees up and cross one leg over the other. Feet should be on the floor. Then with hands supporting the head do the cross-over type sit up exercises with the elbow touching the opposite knee. Repeat on each side.

Paris admits to eating the occasional McDonald’s or Taco Bell, and she likes Red Bull. To stay healthy and in shape, Paris tries to reduce stress, eat less fat, get a good night rest and switch from coffee to green tea. 
She’s been rumored to have tried the strict milk diet which combines foods like cheese, baked potato drizzled with olive oil, fresh salad, low fat broiled chicken meat or fish, with a cut of skim milk at each meal. On an every day basis, Paris recommends eating a lean diet that includes organic fruit, veggies and vitamin juices

4."The most important beauty lesson
 I've learnt in the last 10 years came from my mum. She always taught me as a teenager not to go in the sun because it would destroy my skin so that's the number one thing and I'm glad I listened to her. I always use amazing skincare, like serums with stem cells. La Prairie and Crème de la Mer are my favourite brands."

5.Over the top Beauty
Paris is notorious for the over the top bombshell beauty look. Her eyes are originally brownish green and she ups their color to blue with contact lenses. She also went bottle blond from her original brown hair. 
To sport the bleached bottle blond hair you’ll need plenty of deep conditioning to help prevent breakage along with a celebrity hairstylist. Her hair takes a beating from the dyeing, styles and extensions that she often uses. 

All of that is hard on the hair and causes breakage which means you may need to keep a shorter pixie style. She rocks the blond look rather well, with a fake tan to go along. She also wears fake eyelashes for more drama. Add to that jewelry and porcelain nails. 
If you are going to go for this type of look you need to have the I’m hot attitude to go along with it. Also, be younger. The Paris Hilton look translates well for the outgoing younger girls however as you age you should definitely tone it down.

6.Be polite and sweet to everyone.
Although I never really watched Paris’ show, “The Simple Life,” I’ve read a lot about her in the news, and truth be told I didn’t know what to expect from this interview. Would she roll her eyes because I wasn’t from Newsweek or the New York Times? 
Girlfriend did say she didn’t use the Web too much, and she’d never heard of beauty blogs before. Would she spend the entire time text-messaging Nicole on her massive jewel-encrusted smartphone?
To my surprise, she was nice. Although she seemed a bit guarded and heavily media trained, she was sweet and fully engaged throughout the conversation. The moral of this story? Despite all of the drama surrounding Paris in the news, I found her to be a sweet girl who works hard and loves her family.

7.Get the glowy look with weekly facials and Kate Somerville products.
Paris is known for her dewy, glowy skin. She said her secret is a weekly facial at Kate Somerville, a spa located down the street from her house. She and Kate are homies, and Paris gets treatments with extractions at the spa when she isn’t too busy with work.

“You know,” she said, “it’s good for you. Everyone should do it. And like Lasergenesis, which makes your skin really, like, plump … it’s just this light that goes on your face.”

Kate Somerville offers a full skin care line, and Hilton is an avid devotee. “I use all Kate’s products,” she said. She can’t live without Nourish moisturizer and Exfolikate (formerly known as Kate in a Jar) exfoliating treatment. On the day of our interview, beside the sparkly eye and lip, Paris’ skin actually had very little shine. It was a very matte skin look, which is really trendy right now.

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