5 Healthy Summer Drink Recipes

5 Healthy Summer Drink Recipes
Ice water is refreshing, but sometimes you just want a little flavor in your glass. It’s tempting to reach for a sugary soda or a boozy cocktail, but those aren’t your only tasty options when it comes to summer drinks.

1. Cucumber Mint Water For Summer

You can mix this right in your glass or in a pitcher. To make a single serving, put a few slices of cucumber and a mint sprig into your glass, add a handful of ice, top off with water, stir, and sip!

2. Chia Citrus Cooler For Summer

I talked about how to eat more chia not too long ago, and this simple chia cooler packs a nutritional punch.

3. Homemade Raspberry Soda For Summer

In a juice glass, muddle a small handful of raspberries, top with ice and soda water. Stir well to combine before you drink!

4. Basil Lemonade For Summer

Lemonade is a sugary treat, and cutting it with soda water helps cut the sugar without sacrificing taste. Combine 1 part lemonade with 1 part soda water in a pitcher. In each glass, muddle a few leaves of basil. Add a handful of ice and fill the glasses with the sparkling lemonade.

5. Citrus Soda For Summer

 You can do this in a pitcher or in individual glasses. Over a handful of ice, combine 1 part orange or tangerine juice, 1 part grapefruit juice, and 1 part soda water. Mix and serve.
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