Top 7 Food for Biotin

Top 7 Food for Biotin

1. Walnut 
Walnut is one of the best biotin rich nuts for hair growth and nails. This food and other nuts are rich in fatty acids so it important that you should add a small amount of walnut in your daily meals. By taking walnut you are also getting all the antioxidants, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and protein that your body needs. Antioxidants are essential for maintaining youthfulness of the body and preventing cell aging.

2. Spinach
If you are vegetarian and don’t want to eat nuts then spinach is one of the best biotin rich vegetarian foods. Spinach is the best leafy veggies that contain protein and biotin content. Spinach has higher content of biotin and it also contains other essential nutrients. Spinach is good for your skin, hair, nails and overall health. You can eat raw spinach or cooked spinach. Include spinach in your daily meal to prevent the risk of various health issues.

3. Chicken 
Chicken is high in Biotin, which is essential and wonderful for hair growth and healthy nails. Chicken is highly rich in both biotin and niacin. Choose antibiotic and organic free chicken for good health. Increase the consumption of biotin which supports the process of improving the health of the body. You can also include meats like red meat, beef, turkey and pork that contains a high amount of biotin. Chicken helps to make your skin glow and it also prevents hair loss.

4. Eggs 
Eggs are one of the best biotin rich foods. It is rich in nutrients which is good for hair growth. Egg yolk is highly rich in biotin and if you eat eggs regularly then you will prevent biotin deficiency. Concern about the nutritional benefits of foods we talk about folic acid, vitamin A, biotin, iodine, vitamin E, vitamin B, iron, selenium, vitamin D, vitamin E and protein. Eggs are beneficial for hair development. Eating eggs you will have a good chance to get healthier brain, get stronger muscles and get more energy. It supports weight loss, lower heart disease risk and get healthier appearance. Keep eating eggs regularly to get long hair. Add eggs to your diet to achieve better health and better life.

5. Vegetables and Fruits 
Vegetables are one of the best biotin rich foods vegan for maintaining your health. Vegetables are also rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are good for your health. Vegetables such as cabbages, onions, cauliflowers and cucumbers that will benefit you in your hair growth. It is easy to cook vegetables, can boil vegetables or can eat them raw. Fruits are also high in biotin which is good for growing hair. A cup of raw cauliflower contains 0.2 to 4 micrograms of biotin. While avocados contain 2 to 6 micrograms of vitamin. Soybeans, legumes, mushrooms, nut butter, beans, peas and bananas are also rich in biotin that you can intake regularly.

6. Tuna 
Tuna is the best biotin rich food to improve overall health naturally. You should also add Tuna in your diet. It includes the health benefits such as preventing heart disease, cancer, blood sugar, stroke, obesity and improves immune system. Tuna is also high in vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Tuna is an excellent source of vitamin H as it helps to reduce the health risks. If you serve tuna frequently in every week, then it contributes to fitness.

Pork is another food that contains high amount of biotin. This food is high in iron, magnesium, protein, vitamin B, zinc and phosphorus that helps to boost your immune system and also helps you to prevent injury. This food is good in taste. Pork can be boiled, cooked, grilled and mixed with other ingredients. Pork is good for your hair and nails. Pork is also good for maintaining fats, carbohydrates and protein. It maintains your blood sugar levels and improves your skin condition.
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