All Bad hairstyle habits to stop right now

All Bad hairstyle habits to stop right now

1.Teasing your hair
Yes, teasing or backcombing your hair is the best way to add tons of texture and volume to your do and make it look va-va-vom stunning but you pay quite a price for it. When you style your hair like this, you actually end up scraping the cuticles of your strands backwards, which damages the outer layer. This causes split ends and breakage. Instead of ruining your strands like this, try a volume enhancing mousse or a root-lifting spray instead.

2.Brushing while wet
Your strands are at their most fragile when wet so brushing them at this time can cause them to break. After gently, towel-drying your strands by pressing and not rubbing the water out, use a wide-toothed comb to untangle and distribute any styling products evenly throughout your hair.

3.Too tight ponytails or braids
They definitely look chic but over time, constantly tying your hair in super tight styles can stress out your roots, which leads to friction and thus, damages your hair in the long run. So opt for looser, more flowy styles for the most part and keep the tight dos for only a few occasions.
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