Effective Home Remedies To Control Tuberculosis

Effective Home Remedies To Control Tuberculosis

Some of the symptoms of TB include prolonged coughing (usually with blood), chest pain, weight loss, sudden chills, night sweats and fever etc. And though medications would be needed to treat TB, the symptoms of the condition can be greatly reduced with the help of certain home remedies which include:

1.Custard Apple To Control Tuberculosis

Custard Apple For TuberculosisCustard apple is known to contain rejuvenating properties that are similar to those of drugs used to treat TB. The juice of custard apple is extremely efficient in bringing down the symptoms of TB and treating the condition as well. Remove the pulp of three custard apples and boil it in water along with 25-30 raisins (seedless). Boil the mix in low flame for some time until the solution is reduced to one third of its original quantity. Strain the resultant solution and add some powdered sugar to it for taste. Drink this solution at least twice a day in order to get relief from TB and its persistent symptoms.

2.Milk To Control Tuberculosis
Milk For TuberculosisMilk is considered as the best natural source of calcium, the best therapeutic agent for treating tuberculosis and its symptoms in individuals. Drinking milk on a regular basis would provide the body with enough calcium to treat Tuberculosis. Some individuals are even recommended to switch to an ‘only milk’ diet in order to treat TB. So make it a point to drink at least 2 glasses of hot milk every day (preferably in the morning and night) to treat TB and its symptoms effectively.

3.Pineapple To Control Tuberculosis

Pineapple To Control TuberculosisPineapple is often recommended as an excellent home remedy for tuberculosis owing to its ability to dissolve mucus and clear nasal blockages in addition to quickening the recovery process. Individuals trying to get rid of TB and its symptoms can therefore, benefit from a glass of pineapple juice (devoid of artificial sweeteners) every day.

4.Indian Gooseberry To Control Tuberculosis

Indian Gooseberry To Control TuberculosisMost individuals associate the Indian Gooseberry with hair fall treatments. However, the fruit has more uses than just that. It can effectively reduce the symptoms of TB to a great extent and restore overall health and vitality in a very short period of time. The best way to get the benefits of the fruit in treating the condition is to extract its juice and mix a tablespoon of the same with some honey. Consuming this concoction on an empty stomach the first thing in the morning can help alleviate TB and its symptoms effectively.

5.Banana To Control Tuberculosis
Banana For TuberculosisBananas have been used since ancient times for the treatment of TB and can even cure severe cases of the condition. Individuals experiencing severe symptoms like frequent cough (with blood), high fever and severe expectoration can get quick relief from the symptoms by either drinking banana juice every day or eating raw bananas (at least 2 every day).

6.Orange To Control Tuberculosis
Orange Juice For TuberculosisOranges natural exhibit a saline function that help loosen the mucus and clear blocked airways effectively. Regular intake of oranges would also increase overall health and prevent secondary infections from setting in. Grind 2 oranges and extract their juice. Add a few drops of honey and a pinch of salt to the juice and drink it in the morning every day. Doing so would help you get relief from TB and its symptoms.

7.Mint To Control Tuberculosis

Mint offers several benefits in treating Tuberculosis and can offer quick and effective results from its symptoms. Mint is known to loosen the mucus and clear nasal blockages almost instantly. It also helps nourish the lung and increase the overall resistance of the body to infections (and the side effects of the drugs used to treat these infections). Fresh mint juice needs to be mixed with honey and malt vinegar in the ratio 1:2:2. The resultant mix can be added to any fruit or vegetable juice. Consuming this concoction at least twice a day can offer desirable results.

8.Garlic To Control Tuberculosis

Garlic is known to contain high amounts of sulfuric acid (not harmful to the body though) that can eradicate the germs responsible for TB and its symptoms. Including garlic as a necessary part of the daily diet can therefore, help treat TB and its symptoms effectively. One of the best ways to use garlic to treat TB involves dicing a few cloves of raw garlic and boiling them in 250ml of milk. Eating the boiled garlic pieces first and following it up with the milk has been found to have fruitful benefits for individuals suffering from TB.

9.Bottle Gourd To Control TuberculosisRegular intake of bottle gourd can help increase the body’s resistance to tubercular germs. Eating bottle gourd on daily basis can help boost the body’s immunity levels to a great extent. This in turn would make it easier for the body to fight off TB, its symptoms and the germs causing the condition, all in one shot!

10.Celery To Control Tuberculosis

Celery is often recommended for individuals suffering from TB. Grinding a few celery leaves, extracting their juice and consuming at least 5 tablespoons of it at regular intervals throughout the day can help alleviate the symptoms of Tuberculosis to an extent.

11.Drumstick Leaves To Control Tuberculosis
Drinking a soup made of drumstick leaves is also known to be a potential home remedy for Tuberculosis and its symptoms. Boil a handful of drumstick leaves in about 250ml of water for about 15 minutes. Let the resultant solution cool down after which you can strain it. Add some pepper and salt, and a few drops of lime juice to the soup and drink a glass of it every morning for desirable results.
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