How to overcome the lack of nutrients in bodies

How to overcome the lack of nutrients in bodies

1.B vitamins deficiency

Research shows that these vitamins play an important role managing stress and depression. In short, they make you feel good and control your mood. When you don’t get enough B-vitamins you’re likely to be stressed. And stress will make you crave junk food and overeat.

You can get B-vitamins from egg yolks, potatoes, avocados, chicken, meats, dark leafy greens and salmon.

2.Magnesium deficiency
According to research, magnesium deficiency may trigger chocolate cravings. Note that consuming too much sugar and stress can lower magnesium levels in the body.

Potato skins, seeds, dairy and broccoli are great sources of magnesium

3.Calcium deficiency
It’s highly likely you have calcium deficiency if you have magnesium deficiency. Calcium deficiency usually triggers sugar and salt cravings.

Other than dairy, you can get calcium from kale, almonds, salmon, sardines, chia seeds and sesame.

4.Iron deficiency
Women usually crave meat during PMS due to low levels of iron. Vegetarians and vegans may also have iron cravings.

Best sources for iron include, meat, poultry, cashews, dried fruits, legumes and pumpkin seeds.

5.Omega 3s deficiency
Lack of enough omega 3s in the body triggers cravings for different foods. If you always have unexplained cravings, omega 3s may be the reason.
You can get omega 3s from wild caught fish, eggs from pastured chicken, flaxseeds, walnuts and so on.

6.Zinc deficiency

Zinc deficiency is common in older folks and people under a lot of stress. Lack of zinc may not increase cravings but it’ll affect your sense of taste so you’ll be forced to add more salt and sugar to your food.
Get zinc from oysters, nuts, eggs, and green peas.
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