Top 5 Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas for You

Top 5 Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas for You

1. Auburn Honey Blonde Balayage
Let’s start out a little gentle, shall we? If a full head of blonde hair is not your style, then a balayage will be perfect for you. This warm toned balayage starts off with a beautiful deep shade of auburn on top that melts into a caramel brown and ends with honey blonde to create a gorgeous hair look.

2. Honey Blonde Shadow Root
I get it if you want to take the more natural route when it comes to your hair color. Which is why a shadow root will suit your taste perfectly. Go for a medium brown shade at the roots (or leave them your naturally dark shade) and color the rest of your hair shades of honey blonde and ash blonde to create a naturally sun lightened effect.

3. Chocolate Brown And Honey Blonde Balayage
Add a dash of brightness to your dark hair by going for this balayage look. The chocolate brown base color works as a great canvas for hand painting honey blonde highlights onto it. The resulting contrast between the chocolate and honey tones is stunning, to say the least.

4. Multidimensional Honey Blonde
Girl, with hair like this you’ll have the whole world wrapped around your little finger. The dark blonde base of this style has been enhanced with some light honey blonde at the ends to give some gorgeous depth to the whole look. Styled in curls, this hair look is nothing less than a kaleidoscope of blonde shades.

5. Eclipted Honey Blonde

What in fresh hell is ‘eclipt’, you ask? Well, it’s the new hair color trend that’s on the rise! Eclipting involves coloring your hair in contrasting colors in a way that frames your face. Here, it’s been done with honey blonde streaks on a dusty brown base to complement the facial features.
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