Natural Treatment for Rosacea , Top 7 Remedies for Rosacea....

Best Remedies for Rosacea

Rosacea would have to be one of the most misdiagnosed and misunderstood conditions going around at the moment. But worse than this is the distinct lack of research into this health problem. It seems as though rosacea is not considered to be a “life threatening” disease by the medical profession, so no one is really interested in studying the causes and cures for this condition. But we believe rosacea is a potentially life threatening condition, simply because it’s a strong warning sign on what’s really going on internally for someone .

Top 7 Natural Treatment of Rosacea ....

1.Olive leaf 

Olive leaf extract comes in a variety of different potencies. We suggest you stick with the super strength varieties such as these and avoid the weaker and cheaper brands (they just don't work). Make sure they have an Oleuropein content of at least 20-25% (300 mg's of pure oleuropein). Oleuropein is the main substance in OLE that gives it its potency so stronger is definitely better!

As far as dosages go, take at least the highest recommended amount listed on the bottle (before food) for the first 6 weeks, then drop back to the maintenance dose after that. Olive leaf extract is very safe so there is no harm in taking it this way. For some people though, they can feel a bit queasy after taking OLE and can even suffer "flue like" symptoms (a detoxing phenomenon known as herxheimers reaction) during the first week of supplementing with this food. So if this happens to you, simply drop down to the lowest recommended dose listed on the bottle and then slowly increase the amount again over a period of days or weeks. Once you are at the highest recommended amount, stay on this for 6 weeks before dropping back to the maintenance dose. 

Keep in mind that you will need to take the olive leaf extract without fail every day for at least 6 months. This is required to give your body enough time to completely cleanse itself of all parasites and carry out a full detox. After this, you can either stay on the maintenance dose indefinitely (the preferred option), or if finances don't allow for this, you can do an "on off" cycle - meaning, you take the OLE for 3 months then rest for 3 months then on again for 3 months then rest again for 3 months, and so forth.

2.Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the great home remedies for rosacea. It can be used internally or as a topical medication. Apple cider vinegar helps to maintain the normal pH of the body. It has anti-septic as well as anti-inflammatory properties.
• You can apply raw apple cider vinegar on the affected area to reduce the skin irritation and redness.
• You can also consume two tablespoon apple cider vinegar diluted with one cup of warm water twice daily as a home remedy for rosacea

3.Green Foods

Rosacea sufferers are also known to be deficient in the B group vitamins, especially riboflavin. In fact, a riboflavin deficiency is thought to be one of the major causes of rosacea because it’s needed for healthy capillaries and normal blood flow. Thankfully, all of these green foods are rich in B vitamins, and in particular.When you take one of these supplements (or all) be sure to do so on an empty stomach for maximum benefit. Also go for the dehydrated varieties over the juiced varieties and mix 1-2 teaspoons of the powder in a glass of water and drink 2-3 times a day. Or for the capsules, follow the directions on the container. In addition, make sure you combine your green food with your probiotics for maximum benefit. Healthy bacteria need a good food source to grow and thrive and foods such as wheat grass and barley grass are perfect for them!

Note: You can also mix up a paste of wheat grass or barley grass powder (using a small amount of water) and gently rub it on your rosacea (use it like a face mask). Leave it on for 1 hour then rinse off. Many people have reported excellent results from using this home remedy and one of the big benefits is it doesn’t aggravate the skin at all like some treatments do.

4.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has many significant health benefits. It is also capable of protecting the skin from rosacea. Aloe Vera extract is used in various preparations used for treating skin problems. The fresh gel from the leaves of Aloe Vera can reduce rosacea by providing a cooling effect to the skin.
• Use either the fresh gel or the gel available in the market twice a day as rosacea home remedy.

5.Vitamin D

Cathelicidin is an anti-microbial peptide but has been found to actually play a role in the onset and exacerbation of rosacea. It seems that rosacea sufferers have abnormal and high levels of cathelicidin. These high levels cause an inflammatory immune response within the body, which in turn can make the skin inflamed and more vulnerable to infection. Vitamin D normalizes the effects of cathelicidin so it can help greatly with rosacea. Vitamin D is also vital for normal skin cell production and for the formation of our skins “anti-infective barrier”, making it one of the “must have” natural remedies for all rosacea sufferers.
The sun is still one of the best (and free) sources of vitamin D. However, rosacea sufferers are usually very sensitive to sunlight so you will need to cover up your face when out in the sun until your rosacea is completely healed and gone. You will also need to take extra vitamin D3 and cod liver oil to make sure you are getting at least 3000 IU of vitamin D just from your supplementation. Vitamin D experts agree that we need - at the very least - 3000 IU of vitamin D per day (we can take up to 10 000 IU a day in complete safety) so you need to go with their recommendations rather than the pathetically low recommended daily allowance (RDA) of 1000!

6.Grape Seed

The extract from grape seed acts as antioxidant and also has anti-inflammatory property. It increases the collagen protein formation in the skin and helps in reducing the infections of the skin. This helps to reduce rosacea when taken internally.
• To treat rosacea, you will have to consume at least 50mg of grape seed extract thrice daily.

7. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic property and helps to cleanse and soothe the skin when applied on the skin. The geraniol present in lavender may cause irritation of the skin in some people. Apply small amount of lavender oil to a small area on the face to see whether you are allergic to it. If you are not allergic, follow the steps given below.
• Soak a cotton ball with lavender oil
• Massage the oil gently on the rosacea affected areas
• Leave it on the skin for 30-40 minutes and wash clean with water.
• Repeat daily to get clean and good looking skin.

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