Home Remedies for Dental Caries, Treatment of Dental Caries at Home

 Remedies for Dental Caries
However, sometimes despite all efforts, precautions and care, one might get affected by tooth decay that will ultimately lead to cavities. In that case you can try these home remedies to keep tooth decay at bay and keep your oral health at its best.

1.Use A Fluoride Mouthwash
Fluoride is good for the teeth and helps to re-mineralize them. Since lack of minerals is a valid concern for tooth decay, using a fluoride mouthwash is an effective home remedy for tooth decay and cavity.

Could Help Fight Tooth Decay…..Coconut oil is much in the news these days, being used by the natural health community to enhance many aspects of health. Now, scientists have discovered yet another benefit of this valuable food – it may be a powerful ally in the fight against tooth decay.

3.Consume Butter Oil And Cod Liver Oil
Cod liver oil and butter oil are said to be rich in Vitamins A, D and K, which are excellent for maintaining dental hygiene. You can either take these two supplements separately or take a capsule that contains both.

Regular intake of wheatgrass juice can help in reducing the pain resulting from tooth cavities. Further, it also helps in preventing tooth decay and treating the problem of cavities. Chewing wheatgrass can also provide effective results.

5.Rinse And Gargle With Salt Water
This is probably the most common home remedy for any sort of tooth-related pain. All you need to do is add one teaspoon of salt to warm water and rinse and gargle your mouth with it. Make sure to rinse the cavities thoroughly.

An individual can create a mixture with the use of lemon juice (4 teaspoons) and asafoetida powder (half teaspoon) and rub teeth with the help of a cotton ball dipped in this mixture on a daily basis to reduce the problem of tooth cavities.Chewing a slice of lemon along with its skin can also help in the treatment of cavities. Another option is to use lemon juice as a brushing agent to obtain quick relief.

7.Proper Dental Care
The best and most effective way of dealing with cavities is preventing them in the first place. Brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing and using a mouthwash are important to thoroughly cleanse your mouth off impurities. It will prevent plaque and bacteria from accumulating. This in turn will prevent cavities.

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