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 Clove for Skin
Clove oil is used by naturopaths and beauticians to treat skin conditions. Let’s have a look at the skin benefits of clove.

1.Treats and Removes Acne
Clove oil has been found very potent for acne removal. It is to be applied topically to the affected areas. It is often blended with face packs or massage creams for application on the skin. It gives a tingling sensation when applied to the skin. The reason behind the sensation is the potent nature of clove oil. 

The possibility of acne spreading over the unaffected areas can be eliminated by killing off the bacteria with the help of the antimicrobial properties of the oil. Skin conditions, such as blackheads, whiteheads, scarring, pimples and scaly skin are the signs that characterize the skin ailment known as acne. Patches and blemishes can be formed due to acne. 

Acne commonly happens during the adolescent stage due to hormonal imbalance. The essential oil obtained from the clove plant flower has great purifying properties. It helps to eliminate the inflammation caused due to painful pimples. It also helps get rid of the bacteria that increase the chance of skin breakouts. 

Due to its anesthetic properties, it acts as a numbing agent. To use clove essential oil for the treatment of acne, it must be added to carrier oil in the ratio 1:10, where one part is clove oil and ten parts are of the carrier oil. The reason for diluting is that clove oil irritates the skin when used in the pure form. 

The mixture made, as explained above, can be directly applied with a cotton swab or clean finger tip to the acne, zit or pimple. Leave the mixture till dry. It acts really fast.

2.cloves for pimples 
Do you know that clove is used in a lot of medicinal soaps and pimple creams/gels to reduce the redness, swelling of a pimple and to reduce the bacterial infection? That is why clove face pack for pimples is wonderful and shows some relief worthy results in pimples. Make a paste of clove with water and apply on the pimples. Leave it overnight for best results.

3. Cures Blemishes and Scars
It comes in handy for the removal of blemishes and scars from the skin. When clove oil is applied directly on the skin under professional supervision, it truly works as a mild chemical peel. It exfoliates the blemished or dead skin gently and makes the skin appear healthier and clearer.

4.Offers Relief from Anxiety
It also contributes to provide relief from anxiety and helps to induce sleep, which is once again essential for an attractive skin and great complexion. Insomnia and anxiety are the major causes of unhealthy skin. With successful control over both these conditions, one cannot fail to achieve a soft, smooth and glowing skin. The antimicrobial, anti-fungal, aphrodisiac, antiviral, antiseptic and stimulating properties of clove essential oil make it helpful to treat a number of ailments.

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