Best Home Remedies For Abortion, 10 Home Remedies For Abortion

Best Home Remedies For Abortion
Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in any woman’s life. It gives a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction to womanhood and at the same time, it makes you the creator of a life. It changes your world in no time but at the same time the same pregnancy becomes a nightmare for you if you do not want it. The reason may be due to some diseases, medical complications or may be at present you are not ready to carry the responsibility.

1. Pennyroyal For Abortion
Mentha pulegium or hedeoma pulegioides is other biological names of pennyroyal. Besides, it has some common names such as mosquito plant, squaw mint, and American pennyroyal tickseed. This herb may make your uterus more impatient and then produce contractions in it. However, you should not use these essential oils of this herb internally as it is very fatal.
Actually, pennyroyal is one of other herbs that can result in natural abortion.
You had better take 25 to 40 drops of pennyroyal tea or pennyroyal oil or 3 to 5 pills every day.
This can make some women feel nauseated, tired, and sweaty.
Precaution: Those who are suffering from urinary disorders have to avoid this herb.

2.Aspirin Pills For Abortion
These pills are almost sure shot home remedies for abortion and you can also take them for regulating your period cycle. You will have to get a lot of these pills and then have 5- 6 of these with water a number of times and along with that you will have to follow all other home remedies. Now if you are taking in these pills at any situation, your diet should contain some ingredients for sure. These ingredients include ginger, cloves, parsley, avocado, figs and some other such herbs and nuts.

3. Black Cohosh For Abortion
Black cohosh is one of the effective home remedies for abortion because it can make your uterus ready for this action. Nevertheless, it must be followed by the consumption of red cohosh. In fact, this will not help to abort completely but it will still lead to it. Moreover, using black cohosh can also reduce your heart rate quickly. There may be certain side effects (nausea, faintness, vomiting, and diarrhea) that are associated with this herb, but that is only a temporary problem. You should try and adhere to this remedy and consult a known herbalist for the dose.
Furthermore, you can also make a concoction of this herb and then consume this solution along with either water or honey to speed up the chances to bleed.

4.Blue Cohosh For Abortion
Blue cohosh is an herb which promotes the release of the childbirth hormone called oxytocin, thus induces abortion.
What You Need
Dried Blue Cohosh – 1 tsp
Hot Water – 1 cup
Take the dried blue cohosh in a cup.
Pour the hot water into it and cover it with a saucer.
Leave for 5 to 7 seven minutes so that the blue cohosh can steep properly.
Strain the tea and drink it.
Take this tea 3 times a day to induce natural abortion

5.Acacia Pod and Banana Shoot  Powder For Abortion
The consumption of the powder of banana shoot and acacia pod is known to cause abortion naturally.
What You Need
  • Unripe Acacia Pod – A handful
  • Banana Shoot – A handful
  • Sugar – as per your taste
  • Water – 1 glass

Take both the unripe acacia pod and banana shoots in a small bowl.
Keep it under the sun to dry naturally.
Now mix the sugar and make a powder of all the ingredients.
Take 6 gms of this mixture and add to a glass of water.
Stir it well and drink it.
Take this mixture several times a day till your bleeding starts.

6. Parsley Leaves For Abortion
The green leaves of the parsley herb are used widely as one of the home remedies to abort pregnancy. This herb is said to successfully cause natural abortion in the first stage of pregnancy and is also a good regulator of your menstrual cycle after you have missed a period. The herb reacts and helps loosening of the cervix thus causing abortion. You can consume parsley in a lot of ways. First of all you can just take some fresh parsley and put it inside a blender along with some water and then make some juice out of these. You can pour it in a cup and have it a few times every day. Next you can take dried parsley and make it in the form of tea and drink it. Lastly you can take sprigs of parsley and put it inside your vagina overnight or change it a few times every day for best results.

7.Sesame Seeds Mixed With Honey And Water For Abortion
There are two ways in which you can consume sesame seeds with honey and water to get a really good home remedy for abortion.
Firstly, you can take a handful of sesame seeds and soak it overnight.
And then strain the seeds and drink the water and continue this for a month to see the reaction.
Next you can mix fried sesame seeds with honey and eat it in a little bit heavy amount for very good results. Both of these are known to have shown positive results for abortion in the first and sometimes even in the second stage.

8.Green Papaya For Abortion
Unripe papaya has a high concentration of latex, a milky liquid that causes uterine contractions, which often affect the pregnancy and leads to abortion. Apart from that it is also a rich source of Vitamin C, which induces periods. As per expert view, papaya contains papain that may cause miscarriage or abortion in the earlier days of pregnancy.
What You Need
  • Raw Papaya (medium Size)– 1
  • Water – 2 cups
  • Salt – as per taste

Take the raw papaya and peel it properly.
Cut it in half and with the help of a spoon take out the seeds.
Now cut the papaya into half inch size cubes.
Pour 2 cups of water into a saucepan and add the papaya cubes and salt to it.
Boil the papaya in medium flame for 10 – 15 minutes.
The papaya is ready to eat. You can also add a teaspoon of lemon juice and sprinkle a pinch of black pepper to make it tasty.
Have this boiled papaya in your breakfast and in your meals till you become successful.

9.Pineapples For Abortion
Pineapples contain the vitamin C and proteolytic enzyme bromelain that have caused many miscarriages in women. Bromelain can help to soften the cervix that can lead to miscarriage. Therefore, pineapple is one of the successful and simple home remedy for abortion and it does not affect to the women’s health.
You will need
  • A fresh pineapple
  • A blender
  • Water

Firstly, you take a pineapple and you remove its skin.
Then, you cut it into small pieces.
Next, you use a blender to make a mixture by adding a little water.
Finally, you can consume a glass of fresh pineapple juice every day to have your purpose.
In addition, you can also consume a bowl of pineapple daily.

10.Hot Shower For Abortion
Taking a hot shower regularly is another home remedy that can help women to abort. You should combine this way with the intake of the natural products or herbs that are mentioned here. This simple method will surely help you have a safe way to abort and get the right result.

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