16 Best Safety tips for working women during pregnancy

16 Best Safety tips for working women during pregnancy

Life is surely challenging for pregnant women who are working too. Pregnancy is a time when your body does not obey you and when you have to obey commands from other quarters, it becomes a bit tricky. But remember that pregnancy is not a disease and you can very much have a normal life and do well in office if you follow these simple tips.

1.Exercises and activities
If you had been very active in your work, then you will need to continue the activities but try to slow down. The exercises that you used to do before getting pregnant will also not help. Your physician will show you some exercises that you can do during this period. The heart rate should be within 140 beats in a minute. Walking is better during this period. If you have never exercised before then you can ask the advice of your physician and then go for any aerobics or other exercises.

2.Keep low expectations
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Don’t keep any expectation for yourself, as it will perform in the same manner as you used to before pregnancy. If you are facing difficulty and job is very demanding, then it is better to ask your boss for temporary transfer that is less demanding of your work. If possible you can request to work part time according to your convenience. It is recommended to take precaution, that if your job requires exposure to harmful chemicals.

3.Carry mini meals
First thing is buy yourself a big food carrying bag. Carry at least two varieties of fruits and some snacks each day to office. You can also keep a box of assorted nuts in your office drawer. Nuts are instant source of energy, munch them at short intervals.
Milk intake is absolutely essential for you. Carry milk in a flask or sipper to office.

4.Food and health are related
Food that you eat during pregnancy should be bought with care. You must check the date of the product before buying them. The fruits that you buy and vegetables must be selected carefully. They should be fresh and not bruised.

Cleaning the hands and utensils are to be done with care. Make sure you clean the kitchen surfaces and the fruits and vegetables before you cook them. Whenever you cook or eat, you must wash your hands. This must be maintained at home and also at work. Work at home and at your workplace with a lot of care. You must not cut or hurt yourself in any way. This is to avoid infection and keep yourself healthy. If you have a cafeteria, then you must select food that is fresh and never go for leftover food.

Nausea is a common symptom in most of the pregnant women. Sit next to a door during meetings as you can easily rush into the bathroom more easily. It is better to carry always by having a change of clothing, paper towels and mouthwash with you. You just limit the amount of time you spend in the lunch room. The smell of brewing coffee or a nuking burrito could make you feel even more nauseous. It is recommended to drink ginger ale or ginger tea in addition to water.

5.Don't try being a superwoman
That you are pregnant and still managing with your work is great. But you must understand that your body is weak and it needs rest. You must take rest at intervals and try not to overdo to prove yourself.

6.Clothes must be comfortable
You will find there are different types of work clothes for pregnant women. You must buy these during the pregnancy period. The clothes must be soft and made of natural fiber. You will feel breathless if you wear a lot of artificial fiber. So you should also select loose clothes that are fashionable and are perfect for pregnancy period. Wear flat heeled shoes. You must avoid heels as that can bring about a fall that you should avoid at any circumstances.

7.Go to bed early
Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Resting on your left side will maximize blood flow to your baby and ease swelling. For added comfort, place pillows between your legs and under your belly.

8.Rest and work are good for you
You must not get too much tired. If you have any special problem, then you must consult your physician if you can continue your work for this time or if you should take a leave. You must not over strain your body. The body becomes weak during this period and you should pamper it with lots of resting and healthy workouts that are good for pregnant women.

9.Snack often
Crackers and other bland foods can be lifesavers when you feel nauseated. Keep a stash at work for easy snacking. Ginger ale or ginger tea might help, too.

10.Car safety driving tips
Continue driving throughout pregnancies with safety precautions. It is better to keep on driving by using both the lap and the shoulder harness. You just keep your lap belt down under your baby bump. And faster the seat belt snugly beneath your abdomen. Try against your bony part of your pelvis. Pass the shoulder strap over your shoulders and across your chest between your breasts. You should feel snug without cutting into your shoulders or your neck. After getting out of the car, stretch a bit and walk around and visit the restroom.

11.Ensure that you are in a safe environment at work
If you are in a job where chemicals and medications are manufactured or used as a process of the business, it is important for you to ensure that you are not exposed to any of the chemicals that might have a negative impact on your pregnancy. So, in such cases have a direct talk with your boss and shift to a temporary post that does not involve exposure or handling of the chemicals.

12.Know your rights
For women in a physically demanding job, it might seem to be difficult to continue to work with pregnancy and there are rules to make it much easier for the pregnant women. If you have been in a physically demanding job, you can easily ask for a profile change during your pregnancy. You can also take a leave if that suits you, but sitting at home, is not certainly the best thing you can do during this time. So, know your rights and ask your employer to make the job more suitable for you.

13.Know about company policies
Speak to your HR and other colleagues who took maternity leave recently to know about company's maternity policies. Do your homework well and get complete information about all policies for maternity leave, sabbatical leave, leave without pay, medical reimbursement and childcare.

14.Do not overstrain
For working women it is really important to understand that during pregnancy their body is much vulnerable and at the advanced stage of pregnancy they are sure to feel the strain while performing their usual responsibilities at work. So, during this time, never push your limits. You might complete a job on the same day if you can give it one hour more, but if that seems to add stress on you, keep it for the next day. If you plan to work the same way you used to before pregnancy, things are not surely going to work out. So, know your limitations and during this span give your physical needs more importance than that of the work.

15.Drink plenty of water
Drinking water is always good for your health and drinking sufficient water during the whole day when you are pregnant can be a key to feel better and to keep your body hydrated and energetic. So, make it a point to sip water frequently even when you are in long meetings and if you feel like taking a break for going to the washroom even when you are in a meeting do not shy to leave. Having plenty of water can also be helpful to reduce stress, and during pregnancy you should take every measure to keep stress at bay.

16.Enjoy your work
It is important for pregnant women to understand that medically it is not suggested to sit idle at home during pregnancy, and hence going to work is important not only for the job but also for you and your pregnancy. Gynecologists strongly vows for leading the life at which you was habituated when you conceived, during the whole span of pregnancy, unless there is any particular complications in your case. Keep in mind that you are not going to work because your work needs you to, but because you need it for your overall physical and mental well being. So, go to work, talk, laugh and take a break as soon as you feel tired.
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