How To Get Rid Of Dry Lips, Top 5 Tips for dry Lips

How To Get Rid Of Dry Lips

1. Avoid The Elements 
The first tip on how to get rid of dry lips is to avoid popular environmental triggers. It may not always be possible for you to stay inside on cold, bright or windy days, yet it sure could help. The dry air might rob you of any spare moisture you have, and compared to the rest of your own skin, lips are especially vulnerable. Besides, the sun is another major player in the drama – without a great supply of melanin, lips are particularly susceptible to the powerful rays of the sun and subsequent sunburns.

Abusive weather is really a bully, so if you are going to go outside, then you should protect yourself. For instance, you could wrap a scarf around your face to block the wind or take on a wide-brimmed hat to keep off the sun – whatever it takes to shield your own lips from extreme exposure.

2. Use The Right Type Of Lip Balms 
Now, you need lip balms, yet what type? If you think flavor is the single difference among different lip care products available in the market today, you are wrong. In reality, certain ingredients in several types of lip balms may really be sabotaging your own hydrating efforts and it might be not the berry flavoring.

Some common lip balms include ingredients like phenols and peppermint oil which help exfoliate the chapped flakes of skin from the human lips. Whilst these ingredients are good for assisting in sloughing off the dry skin, they are still not good at hydrating. Because they can accelerate the exfoliation, they can remove natural oils from your lips, you then will reach more lip balm as the lips become dry and that cycle starts. Moisturizing lip balms could help fight off dry lips as they will not add to the dryness.

Therefore, you should opt for the most emollient balm available. Opt for the products containing ingredients like beeswax, cocoa butter, beeswax, or oils like almond or jojoba to supply moisture and lock it in. Also, these ingredients can help protect and soften your lips.  Furthermore, you should also choose the lip balms including synthetic ceramides – the fats helping restore the lip’s natural barrier. For the best method of protection, you had better opt for an oil-based balm which includes a sunscreen as well.

3. Stop Licking Your Lips
Another tip on how to get rid of dry lips at home is to give up the habit of licking your lips. In reality, people with dry lips often lick their lips more often during winter. Seemingly, licking the lips is like a quick and easy way to moisten things up, yet the truth is, it really worsens your problem. Lips often lack the protective outer membrane found on the other skin areas, so providing moisture which evaporates a few seconds later will build a vicious cycle which dry your lips out so quickly.

Also, there is another dark side to the fact of lip licking – saliva, despite its watery appearance and clear, is not a good idea to moisturize your lips.

4. Avoid Some Ingredients 
Have you ever known that there are some ingredients in your daily used products contributing to the dryness of your lips? Exactly, it is the toothpaste.

Fact is, toothpaste as well as other oral care products might include sodium lauryl sulfate and guaiazulene, the two ingredients associated with skin dermatitis and irritation in some individuals. Lip balms themselves might also include a few potential irritants. In reality, approximately 25% of people tested for some skin issues, allergic and rash reactions around the mouth tested positive for the allergy to the ingredients common in many lip balms, lipsticks, as well as other cosmetics. Thus, if you are concerning about allergens, then you should keep an eye out for the phenyl salicylate or propyl gallate, the two ingredients which might lead to the condition of contact allergies and can be hiding in the lip care products as well as lipstick.

5. Avoid Being A Mouth Breather 
When it comes to learning how to get rid of dry lips, mouth breathing is something that you need to avoid. Any moisture which manages to make it to your own lips will rapidly be whisked away if you constantly blow air across them.

Moreover, breathing via the mouth could also result in things such as dry mouth, bad breath, and sleep apnea. Thus, you should keep your mouth closed and let the nose do the job.

In addition to the tips and tricks above, you should also exfoliate your lips regularly, and more often during winter, and drink plenty of water to maintain a good condition of hydrated for your lips.

If you have any useful skin care tips on how to get rid of dry lips, simply share with us by dropping your words below this post. We will answer all soon.
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