5 Home Remedies to Naturally Cure Vaginal Discharge

5 Home Remedies to Naturally Cure Vaginal Discharge

1. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar helps restoring the natural pH balance, which is important for treating Leukorrhea. Its acidic and antiseptic properties help to normalise the acidic quality of vaginal flora and reduce the odour. You can also read more about the benefits and uses of Apple Cider Vinegar here.]
Method: Mix equal amounts of distilled water and raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Use it as a vaginal wash once or twice a day till the problem persists.
Please note that there is no scientific evidence for the above; though many have found it beneficial. However some claim that it disrupts the natural balance of vagina.
Extract the Goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar

2.Fenugreek seeds
Fenugreek seeds helps to improve the pH level in the vagina, and act as natural immune boosters and are believed to affect estrogen levels.
Method: Soak a teaspoon full of fenugreek seeds in water and leave it overnight. Strain the water next morning and add one-half teaspoon of honey. Drink it on empty stomach. You can also boil 2 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in four cups of water for half hour. Strain and let it cool. Use this water as vaginal wash three to four times a day till the discharge normalises.
Factual Benefits of Fenugreek seeds

3. Indian Gooseberry
Also known as amla, this nature’s versatile gift is an immune booster, anti infectant and high in vitamin C. Mix two teaspoons of powdered Indian Gooseberry with enough honey to make a dense paste. Have this twice daily for a week.

Apart from treating leucorrhea, bananas are also helpful in relieving digestive disturbances which may accompany the vaginal discharge problem. Eat one or two overripe bananas daily to reduce symptoms of Leukorrhea.

Figs are considered to be very good for treating Leukorrhea. They are laxative in nature and help to remove harmful toxins and wastes from the body which works great for curing vaginal discharge.
Method: Soak two or three dried figs in water overnight. Next morning blend them in water and drink on empty stomach.
For a vaginal wash, grind equal amount of bark of fig tree and banyan tree into a fine powder. Mix one tablespoon of this powder in two cups of water and use it for the wash.
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