Best Remedies For Pain In Feet After Wearing Heels

Best Remedies For Pain In Feet After Wearing Heels
We have seen Carrie Bradshaw from S*x and the City running around in beautiful heels like Manolos and Jimmy Choos, but the reality is, wearing high heels for too long can not only give you immense foot pain, but there are many other problems that can arise because of these heels. There can be problems which range from bunions (on the corners of your foots), corns, and calluses. Sometimes, they may lead to even more difficult issues like misshapen hammertoes or you might get an excruciating pain in the ball of the foot. What’s dangerous is that this pain, if unattended, can lead to it being worse with each passing year!

This is a problem that several women choose to ignore and in fact, a survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association showed that about 42% of women wore a shoe they liked even if it gave them discomfort and 73% said that they are already having a shoe-related foot issue.

So, what do you think our suggestion for you would be? Considering the fact that you are all fashionistas, we will never tell you to give up your heels! But do keep in mind the fact that high heels can be dangerous and if worn continuously, they can be quite disastrous for your foot’s health. So, if you do have to wear high heels and your feet have a killer pain afterwards, here are some natural and home remedies to take care of them:

1.Hot and Cold Water
Hot-and cold-water therapy can be effective in treating foot pain. The hot treatment will promote blood flow, and the cold treatment will reduce inflammation.

Fill one bucket with cold water and another with bearable hot water. Sit in a comfortable chair, dip your feet in the hot water for three minutes and then do the same with cold water for at least 10 seconds or up to a minute. Repeat the whole process two or three times and end with cold foot bath.
Another option is to apply a heat pad and an ice pack alternately for 10 minutes to reduce pain.

2.Ice Pack FTW!
An ice pack is the most easily available resource and is also one of the most effective ones when it comes to curing painful feet. Ice packs can be used to reduce the pain and inflammation of the foot. You can also use a water bottle and roll it under your feet to soothe them. This is how you should do it; Freeze a water bottle and keep it below the arch of your foot. Roll it under your foot for about five minutes and do the same with each foot. Switch sides and repeat till your pain subsides a little.
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Vinegar is extremely helpful when it comes to treating foot pains and swelling. It reduces the inflammation of the foot to a large extent. This is how you can use vinegar to treat foot pain: Take a hot tub of water and pour two spoons of vinegar into it. Add some salt in it and soak your feet for up to twenty minutes.
Home remedies for foot pain
Alternatively, you can also use vinegar in a different way: Soak a towel in a mixture of hot water and vinegar and wrap it around your foot. Leave it wrapped on your foot for at least 5 minutes and feel the difference.

4.Epsom Salt
Heat and Epsom salt are an amazing combination. To cure that nagging pain in your foot, take some Epsom salt in hot water and soak your feet in the water for at least 20 minutes. Wash your feet well and see the difference. Epsom salt can also dry up your skin to a large extent. Once you are done with the hot water bath, make sure you moisturize your skin well.

5.Clove Oil
Clove oil is extremely fragrant and can be used to heal not only foot pain, but also headaches and other body aches. Clove oil when used correctly can also boost blood circulation.

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