Best 10 Home Remedies for HPV(Human Papilloma virus)

Best 10 Home Remedies for HPV(Human Papilloma virus)

1. Echinacea
This well known antiviral herb is one of the most popular and relied upon treatments for HPV. You can make tinctures or teas from echinacea, both of which are highly effective in boosting the immune system and reduce the appearance of warts. The phytosterols and other antioxidant compounds in echinacea are able to boost white blood cells and improve the antiviral impact of the immune system.

2. Goldenseal
There are two different ways to use goldenseal to combat HPV. This herb can be made into a tincture to be applied directly to genital warts, or you can take goldenseal in supplemental form, which is widely available at health food stores and from trained herbalists. This herb has long been known as an antiseptic, but its antiviral properties are what makes it so valuable for HPV home treatment.

3. Calendula
Like many essential oil, calendula essential oil is very effective at clearing up skin conditions, including the warts and inflammation that occur as a result of HPV. The most popular way of using calendula is by consuming it or taking it as a suppository.

4. Oregano Oil
The essential oil of oregano is chock full of antiviral and antioxidant components that make it very effective for the treatment of HPV. Since this herb is so widely available, it is one of the most inexpensive home remedies, but the oil should be slightly diluted before use, as it can be an irritant on sensitive areas of the body, despite its antiviral and wart-reducing abilities.

5. Astragalus
With antioxidant, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, astragalus is directly linked to the elimination of HPV, as it induces the production of interleukin-2, which has known antiviral properties, and can also help to prevent cancer, which is important when dealing with high-risk varieties of HPV.

6. Garlic
As always, garlic is a popular suggestion for the natural treatment of HPV. The powerful effects of allicin, which is the active ingredient in garlic, include antiviral activities. You can soak garlic overnight, and then use the infused water directly on the genital warts for quick effects.

7. Tea Tree Oil
Not only does tea tree oil have powerful antiviral effects when applied directly to the affected areas, but it also boosts immunity in the body, increasing the amount of white blood cells and attacking the HPV virus from two sides.

8. Thuja Oil
Although not the most commonly recommended remedy, thuja oil is a preferred remedy in Ayurvedic practices. This oil can actively seek out and neutralize infected cells and eliminate virus symptoms, including warts. Unfortunately, thuja oil can be an irritant, particularly in the delicate areas where HPV attacks, so be sure to dilute the oil significantly.

9. Mushrooms
There are a number of antiviral and antimicrobial properties of mushrooms that make them valuable in the treatment of HPV. Adding these to your diet can be a simple and delicious way to combat viral infections and various cancers throughout the body.

10. Curcumin
There are proven anti-cancer and antiviral properties of curcumin, which is the key ingredient of the herb turmeric. By adding this spice to your meals, you can significantly boost the strength of your immune system and protect your body from HPV.
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