Top 5 Uses Coconut Oil for Skin

Top 5 Uses Coconut Oil for Skin

1. No Harmful ChemicalsA lot of sunscreens, including those made by reputed skincare brands, are often laden with chemicals and ingredients like paraben and solvents. While they contain SPF for protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays, those chemicals may cause side effects. People with sensitive skins fare worse after applying sunscreens. This applies to various forms of sunscreens, including gels, creams, and lotions. Coconut oil, on the contrary, does not contain any harmful ingredient or chemical that can impact your skin negatively.

2. Excellent Skin NourishmentUnlike typical sunscreens, coconut oil helps your skin stay hydrated while taking sun baths. Its natural fatty acids ensure your skin remains well-moisturized, even hours after application. It helps prevent the skin from getting dry and wrinkled when you lie for hours on sun-kissed beaches. You get a tanned look while your skin texture does not suffer.

3. Develops A LayerWhether you apply coconut oil as it is or apply it after mixing with other oils or ingredients for tanning, it helps form a layer on your skin. This helps reflect some of the UV rays off your skin.

4. Offers Protection From InfectionsWhen you spend hours lying on a sea beach or an open ground for a tan to set in, your skin gets exposed to the various germs and microorganisms in the surroundings. Most of it happens without you even being aware of it. Coconut oil has proven antimicrobial and antifungal attributes that help protect your skin from getting affected by the germs in the environment .

5. Shiny LookConstant exposure to strong sunlight can make your skin darker and duller. The application of coconut oil can help your skin remain shiny even after you get the tan. It makes your skin darker and shiny, eventually.
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