7 Health Benefits of Lima Beans

7 Health Benefits of Lima Beans

1.Heart Health
Lima beans can have a positive impact on human health in a number of ways. Not only are lima beans rich in dietary fiber, which can help scrape cholesterol and eliminate it from the body, but they’re also a good source of magnesium and folate. Having enough magnesium in the body helps to regulate blood pressure, in a similar way to potassium, by relaxing the blood vessels and reducing strain on the heart, thus preventing strokes and heart attacks. Folate is also associated with lower homocysteine levels, which is good, because elevated homocysteine is a telling factor behind coronary heart disease.

2.Lima bean Energy Levels
Due to the impressive protein content in lima beans, if you already get enough protein in your diet, the body will store this protein as volatile and easily accessible energy. Lima beans can provide a clean, healthy boost to your cognition and focus as well. The manganese levels in lima beans also help to optimize the energy production process in the body. Finally, the iron content boosts red blood cell circulation, improving oxygenation and increasing energy.

3.Diabetes Prevention
Lima beans are an excellent way to get your dietary fiber, which is needed by the body for a number of different reasons. In terms of managing diabetes, fiber helps to regulate the uptake of nutrients by the body, and it optimizes blood sugar levels. With a healthy and stable insulin/glucose balance, you are far less likely to experience the dips and peaks in blood sugar, thus preventing the development of diabetes, or managing the symptoms once diagnosed.

4.Chronic Illness
 Manganese is a key enzyme cofactor for a number of important substances in the body, namely antioxidant compounds that will seek out free radicals in the body and minimize oxidative stress. Therefore, the high manganese concentration in lima beans makes these legumes a good aid to the immune system and could help to prevent things like cancer, macular degeneration and many other conditions.

5.Digestive Issues
Dietary fiber is most well known for its impact on digestion and the gastrointestinal tracts. Dietary fiber helps to bulk up stool, thus preventing diarrhea, and also stimulating peristaltic motion to move food through the colon. Fiber can also help the gut optimize the nutrient uptake, making sure that we get as much out of our food as possible. Lima beans are incredible sources of fiber – a single cup if more than 50% of your recommended daily fiber intake – and they can do great things for your digestive health.

6.Circulation Stimulant
The high content of iron found in lima beans makes them very good for the circulatory system. Iron is a necessary component for the production of red blood cells, which can thus increase circulation. When more oxygenated blood gets to the extremities, it can speed healing and repair following an illness or injury, and can also boost energy levels and vitality. Anemia is another name for iron deficiency, and avoiding the weakness, nausea, fatigue and headaches of that condition is also a good choice by keeping lima beans in your diet.

7.Growth and Repair
Lima beans contain a significant amount of protein, roughly 1/3 of our daily recommended amount in a single cup, which is important for every single process of the body. Proteins are literally the building blocks of our body, and we require them for everything from cell and tissue development to cognition, bone strength, and energy. If you want to ensure normal growth and development, or are recovering from an injury or illness, boosting your protein levels with lima beans is an effective and vegetarian-friendly option!
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