Amazing Health Benefits of Cattail

Amazing Health Benefits of Cattail

1.Antiseptic Application
One of the most important health benefits of cattail is its natural antiseptic property, which has come in handy for various cultures for generations. The jelly-like substance that you can find between young leaves can be used on wounds and other areas of the body where foreign agents, pathogens, or microbes might do damage in order to protect our system. This same jelly from the cattail plant is known as a powerful analgesic and can be ingested or applied topically to relieve pain and inflammation.

2.Slow Bleeding
Various parts of the cattail have coagulant properties, meaning that they slow down the flow of blood and prevent anemia. This can be effective if you’re wounded, but also if you suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding, as it can lessen the severity. This can potentially be dangerous for people who already have relatively slow circulation, as it effectively slows down the blood, while simultaneously stimulating coagulant response in the skin.

3.Skin Health
The wealth of nutrients and organic compounds found in cattails contributes to its effect on the skin, particularly its ability to heal boils, sores, and reduce the appearance of scars. For insect bites, cattail jelly can be applied topically, but the flour also has anti-inflammatory potential that can help to reduce the pain and severity of those affected areas.

4.Cancer Prevention
Although this area of study is relatively new and somewhat controversial, there is ongoing research into cattails ability to prevent cancer. Chinese researchers are heading up this exciting new area of study, but early results are promising for its antioxidant effect on cancerous cells.
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