Beauty And Health Benefits of Horsetail

Beauty And Health Benefits of Horsetail

1.Healthy liver and kidneysHorsetail treats the kidney disorders. It helps in the removal of kidney stones in a natural way. Along with those,horsetail also cures bladder infections, stones and generic gladder problems.

2.Strengthens bonesHorsetail is one of the richest sources of calcium that helps to promote the strong bones and nails by treating the brittle fingers and weak bones.

3.Helps for regular menstruationWomen who are facing the irregular menstruation cycles and also the problem of excess bleeding can rely on horsetail supplements or horsetail extracts to shootout the problems.

4.Others problemsGet the natural horsetail extracts in order to cure some problems like stomach related problems, jaundice, frostbite, tuberculosis, hepatitis, lung problems and frostbite.

5.Antiseptic propertiesHorsetail is rich in antiseptic properties that are known to help prevent the reaction of dirt on the wounds. Directly apply horsetail on the affected skin to protect it from the dust.

6.Anti-inflammatory propertiesWith the presence of anti-inflammatory properties horsetail has become one of the greatest remedy to cure rashes encouraged by clothing and other reactions. Using cold and diluted horsetail on the pimple and acne prone area helps to get rid of them. Apply horsetail tea on the specific zones of acne prone skin or rashes and rinse off thoroughly with water.

7.Anti-aging propertiesHorsetail is one of the best potent opted source by the manufacturers who are claiming to offer the advantages of anti-wrinkles and anti-aging. It is recommended because as it has the capacity to develop and manage healthy connective tissues in the body.

8.Healthy hair growthPeople seeking for the healthy and natural way to grow their hair can end up their searches with the horsetail. It is used in many forms to reverse the baldness. Apply it on the affected area or consume it in the supplement form for the great hair growth. Get the horsetail and extract the juice from it, mix it with little amount of extra virgin oil or else with coconut oil and massage your scalp regularly with it to get the dense and healthy hair growth.

9.Hair problemsAnother vital benefit of Horsetail is that it aids to cure many hair problems. With out calling for any side affects it helps to cure the problems like dandruff and split ends. Moreover, horsetail is brings the beauty of the hair.

10.Conditions the hair naturallyOne of the common problems frizzy and dry hair can be treated easily with the advantage of horsetail. Use horsetail as a conditioner before going to end up your hair wash and after shampooing.

11.Cures throat problemVariety of issues related to your throat can become really dangerous at times. You need to stay really cautious and go ahead with regular checkup schedules. You can also get this problem due to cold affect. You might have difficulty to speak due to throat infection. But the herb named as horse tail will be really effective to provide a rescue to this problem. This is a popular herb that can cure mouth and throat issues.

12.Brittle nailsPeople can get affected with unhealthy condition of nails due to variety of reasons. Sometimes you can see the white spots over the nails. The brittle nail can also be another consideration. Those can be reduced with the effect of the horse tail. You need to take the leaves from the horsetail plant and make a paste out of it. Now make the paste little watery by dissolving it with half cup of water and pour it in a bowl. Now dip your fingers that have the brittle appearance. Keep this for 10-20 minutes and get great strength on your nails.

13.Foot infectionYou can enjoy the anti fungal and anti bacterial properties with the horse tail. Several variety of foot infection can be rescued with the help of horsetail herb. The problems such as athlete foot can be removed with the help of this wonderful herb. The herb is used for treating variety of skin and health issues by the Chinese herbalist.
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