Top 5 Home Remedies for Hives

Top 5 Home Remedies for Hives

1. Clothes You WearIt’s crucial when suffering from hives that you do not wear tight clothes made from synthetic materials. Go for organic fabrics, such as cotton and silk, to allow the skin to breathe and keep it cool and breezy. Your clothes also have to be sufficiently loose so as not to damage your skin further or flare up your hives even more. If possible, try to wear loose-fitting underwear as well. Men should wear boxers and ladies should steer clear of bikinis and wear a sports bra instead of a regular one.

2. Keep a Diary
Although this might sound weird, our list of home remedies for hives does include diary keeping. Your days will have to be filled with ‘dear diary’ moments, as this is the only way you can determine the underlining cause of your allergic reaction and remove it.

Studies show how people don’t usually know what ailed them in the first place when it comes to urticaria, so it’s almost impossible to determine that. This impossibility is also the reason why hives are a recurrent disease. Patients don’t pay attention to their environment, so the cause of the rash persists and makes the disease flare up again and again.

Here is where the diary comes in. It doesn’t have to be a detailed account of your life that will take up too much of your time. As far as home remedies for hives go, a few entries in a notebook every day will suffice. Write down everything you eat every day, the clothes you wear and the fabrics they are made of and all the places you went through. You can also make a simple schematic sequence of all these things.

At the end of a month or so, look back on all your notes and try to figure out the recurring things. You will discover one item of clothing, one place you went to or one type of food you’ve repeatedly been including in your schedule more than others. If that item can be the cause of an allergy, then it probably is. For example, if you go through the park every day on your way to work, you might not even notice or think about it anymore. But that is, probably, what is causing your hives, as you might be allergic to pollen.

A diary will help bring to life things so mundane you do not see, such as the clothes you wear or your neighbor’s cat with which you play every day.

3. Cold WaterProbably the simplest treatment when it comes to home remedies for hives, cold water is available everywhere. Take a cool shower or soak a washcloth in cold water and apply it to your sore areas.

The science behind this says that the cold water shrinks the blood vessels as much as possible, which, in turn, doesn’t allow them to release any more histamine. In laymen’s terms, no more histamine means no more hives. To relieve your itching as well, add a couple of handfuls of finely –ground oatmeal to the bath.

Here are two things you need to be aware of in regards to this treatment. First of all, before applying cold water in any form to your skin, make sure you don’t have the type of hives produced by the cold itself. Secondly, be careful when stepping out of the bathtub, because the ground oatmeal will turn slippery after sitting in water so long.

4. Making a PasteHere are a few excellent ingredients to make a paste out of and smear all over you red and itchy zones. The best part is that you, probably, already have all these ingredients in your kitchen cabinet.

Baking soda 
add just a few drops of cold water to it and thoroughly mix until they form a paste. It will take care of you itchiness in no time.

Cream of tartar 
works in the same way as baking soda and it replaces it wonderfully in all the home remedies for hives.

5. Concoctions 
Pastes are not the only things you can dab onto your skin for fast and easy release from the torment that is urticaria. You can also try concoctions, such as the following.

Mix one-quarter cup of brown sugar with one tablespoon of fresh ginger and three-quarters cup of vinegar. You need to boil them all in a clean saucepan. After you’ve stirred them for a few minutes straight, add some warm water. Apply this mix to your skin using a cotton ball every day, several times a day.

Another way in which you can soothe the itching is by mixing one teaspoon of any kind of vinegar you want, as long as it’s organic with one tablespoon of water and applying it to the affected area. Make sure the water is lukewarm and use a clean cotton ball.

There are also some herbs you can use to make tea. Chamomile, catnip, and valerian are perfect for relieving stress and anxiety, two conditions linked to urticaria. As home remedies for hives, you need to drink these teas and concoctions rather than applying them directly to the skin.
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