Skin protection Before playing Holi

Skin protection Before playing Holi

Playing Holi can be a lot of fun but these days, people use chemical colours which can harm your skin. It is best to use natural colours but if that isn’t possible, here are some must-dos before you step out to play Holi.

You literally need to soak your body in oil. From head to toe, drench yourself in coconut or any other easily available oil. Alternatively, you can also use heavy creams like cold cream which form a thick layer on your skin.

Coat your nails in transparent nail paint, this way the colour won’t stain your nails. Even guys will love this tip.

Make sure your hair isn’t dry as colour will penetrate faster in roots and stain them. Oil your hair religiously before you step out.

Apply a thick layer of the greasiest sunscreen you can find. The oils in it will not let the colour seep deep and the SPF in it will prevent you from the harsh rays of sun.

A thick layer of petroleum jelly is advisable. One can also use long-lasting lip tints to prevent staining.

Warm some petroleum jelly and gently rub it against your teeth. It will prevent staining.

Other areas 
such as cuticles, back of the neck and ears - We often ignore these areas and end up having the most staining there. This time, coat these areas with some heavy duty oil.

clothes with long sleeves and full length bottoms to protect your skin. You can cover the hair with a dupatta/bandana and a polypeptide-based gel can be applied to partially repel colour.
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