Health Benefits of Munakka

Health Benefits of Munakka

 Munakka is a dried form of grapes. The benefits of munakka are countless. It is an excellent home remedy for most of the diseases. If you have been consuming a lot of meat, oily meals, alcohol, and overeating, then black raisins or munakkas are the answer. Excessive consumption of high-fat food leads to acidosis, a condition in which the acidity of the body fluid in abnormally high

Munakka contains in abundance all the vitamins and iron the body needs. Soak 10 to 15 grams of black Munakka in one cup of water. Mix a little limejuice with it. Chew the Munakka after 4 to 5 hours. It helps in Anaemia and increases haemoglobin.

2.For cough and cold 
Take 5 almonds after peeling its skin+10 munakkas+10 black pepper,grind these and mix it in 25 g of butter.Then eat it in the night at bed time.

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Kismis are sweet, unctuous, cooling and thus help alleviate pitta. A sherbet prepared from Kismis soaked in water and taken in the morning and evening, pacifies the pitta. It is also carminative and helps in the easy passage of stool. This gives quick relief in acidity. This sherbet is also useful in disorders of the blood caused by an aggravated pitta, inflammation and chronic fevers. Add cow?s milk and ghee to your diet while you are taking this treatment.

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4.Munakka is rich in iron
 It raises the hemoglobin content in the blood and is an excellent remedy for people with anemia. Munakka also helps to treat other diseases of the blood that are caused by chronic fevers and inflammation.

5.It purifies the blood

 How to eat munakka for blood purification? Soak 20 pieces in water overnight. Grind and mix it in one cup of water and consume it daily.
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