Shikakai Powder for Hair Growth

Shikakai Powder for Hair Growth
Shikakai, also known as hair fruit, grows mostly in central India. It has been used for centuries, for maintaining the health of both scalp and hair. It is high in vitamins A, C, K and D, along with other antioxidants that are important for hair growth. It contains micronutrients that boost hair growth and help you retain its beauty! The good news about Shikakai is that even today it is used as a powder, and can be found at your nearest cosmetic and beauty store! Pick up a bottle soon in order to reap the benefits of shikakai for hair!

1.Shikakai for Shine and softness
Shikakai adds shine to the hair and hair looks much softer. When the shikakai powder is used as a hair pack or as a hair cleanser, it makes the hair softer, which detangles the hair easily. After the wash shikakai also adds subtle shine to the hair.

2.Prevents Gray Hair
Aging can be a rather depressing process. Wrinkles, spots, and gray hair appear all too quickly, leaving you looking tired and worn. Retain your youthful charm with naturally thick black hair, by including Shikakai in your regular hair care routine! Using a hair pack made of Shikakai, soap nut and other herbal ingredients like amla can slow down and prevent the process of hair graying, letting your locks keep you looking fresh and young!

3.Shikakai for Dandruff
Shikakai has anti-fungal properties and other nutrients to nourish the scalp. This is why shikakai helps reducing the dandruff infection from the scalp and nourish the dry itchy scalp simultaneously. Regular use of shikakai will soon help treating dandruff from the scalp.

4. Gets Rid Of Hair Lice
Hair lice can be an embarrassing and pressing problem. Not only do they cause uncontrollable itchiness and scalp discomfort, they can also cause awkwardness. Because of how rapidly hair lice can spread from person to person, they can quickly turn into a lingering problem with seemingly no solution.
Luckily, Shikakai offers remedy against hair lice too! Its low pH value along with its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties can stall the growth of hair lice.

5.Shikakai for Stronger, thicker hair
Shikakai is also used to make hair roots stronger and healthier. Use shikakai as a mild hair cleanser, hair pack or as infused with the oil. Boil some dried shikakai in coconut oil and use that oil to massage the scalp. This is a good remedy to strengthen the hair.

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