Black Coffee Benefits For Weight Loss , Use of Coffee For Weight Loss

Black Coffee For Weight Loss 

Coffee drinkers love their morning cup o' Joe. In fact, according to a 2010 Filterfresh Coffee Report survey, 54 percent of those surveyed said they would give up their cell phone before giving up their daily cup of coffee. And even though 96 percent of respondents report that they receive their daily shot of caffeine from coffee, the majority of coffee drinkers are not looking to black coffee as a meal replacement or weight loss contributor. But can drinking black coffee boost your weight loss efforts

1.Helps with Your Workout
Coffee--and caffeine--is a great weight loss tool for several reasons, according to Maik Wiedenbach, owner of Adlertraining in New York City. "It is a powerful anti-oxidant, which is important for your recovery from exercise and overall immune health. Also, coffee mobilizes free fatty acids, which can then be oxidized during exercises." Wiedenbach adds that coffee gives you a mental edge and greater focus.

2.Drink coffee an hour or so before a workout.
Coffee consumed before a workout can increase your energy and alertness, which can help you to undertake a more rigorous, focused workout. Coffee can also help dull joint and muscle pain. However, you may want to avoid drinking coffee immediately before exercising, as the acid coupled with the agitation from exercise may lead to an upset stomach.

3.Increased Metabolism
For maximum weight-loss success, the Weight Control Room website suggests drinking coffee black, on an empty stomach and only in moderation. The site says caffeine can increase your metabolism by stimulating your nervous system because it facilitates the burning of body fat by pulling fatty acids out of the fat cells. The site, however, cautions against drinking coffee while consuming carbohydrates. "If you drink coffee while eating carbohydrates the insulin produced in your body may override the fat burning effects of the caffeine."

4.Add Green Tea
Adding green tea or a green tea extract supplement to your coffee increases the fat burning effect, according to "Homemade Supplement Secrets" author Jeff Anderson. Green tea contains an antioxidant known as EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate, which boosts metabolism independent of the effect from the caffeine content. Brewing your coffee with one or two green tea bags can boost fat burning. However, Anderson recommends taking a green tea extract supplement, containing 200 to 300mg of EGCG.

5.Coffee Can Help to Mobilize Fat From The Fat Tissues
Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, which sends direct signals to the fat cells to tell them to break down fat.
Another thing that caffeine does is to increase our blood levels of the hormone Epinephrine, which is also known as Adrenaline.
Epinephrine travels through the blood, to the fat tissues and send signals to break down fats and release them into the blood.
This is how caffeine helps to mobilize fat from the fat tissues, making it available for use as free fatty acids in the blood.

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