Home Remedies for Swelling in liver, Natural Cure for Enlarged Liver

Best  Remedies for Swelling in liver
Your liver is your body's primary organ of detoxification; when it's not well, neither are you. The human liver filters drugs, nutrients and toxins from the body, produces bile to help digest fats, and removes toxic bilirubin from the blood. Home remedies, foods and alternative treatments keep your liver happy and keep your body healthy.

1.Dandelion Roots 

Dandelion is one of the most popular herbal home remedies for Liver Problems. Prepare this dandelion home remedy by boiling roots of dandelion in a glass of water for about 10 minutes. Apart from healing Liver Problems, this therapeutic decoction is also useful in the natural detoxification of the liver.

2.Green tea

Green tea is another powerful ally when it comes to fighting liver inflammation. Green tea, according to some researchers, is the healthiest thing that you could drink. Rich in catechins (powerful antioxidants), green tea has been shown to be protective to cells, preventing cancer and promoting liver health.


Boil the leaves and stems of white radish in water and have this decoction on a regular basis to cure Liver Problems at home. Sugar candy can also be added in this solution to improve the taste.(Read more....)


Tamarind is another natural detoxifier that is used to aid the gall bladder and to help reduce liver inflammation. It is said to contain properties that help protect and decongest the liver and have antibacterial properties, making it a popular home remedy to cure hepatomegaly (enlarged liver). It is recommended to drink tamarind tea several times a day. If you suffer from gallstones, it is not recommended to take tamarind.

5.lime juice mixed with papaya seed

Having a mixture of one teaspoon of lime juice mixed with papaya seed extract on a regular basis helps to avoid Liver Problems considerably.


The humble artichoke is one of the vegetables you should include in your diet if you have an enlarged liver. Artichoke is good at fighting high cholesterol. Consequently, it is good for you if you have a fatty liver. You can oven-bake or boil it, or make a juice out of the leaves. For the latter, blend three or four leaves with a little bit of water. If you opt for taking it in a juice, you should drink a cup after every meal.(Read more Benefits of  Artichoke)

7.Infusion of boldo

An infusion of boldo is also used to reduce inflammation of the liver. Boldo is a popular medicinal plant produced in Chile in the treatment of various liver abnormalities and ailments. It contains high levels of boldine, an alkaloid that supports the functioning of the gall bladder, facilitating an increase in bile production and enabling it to be released normally. It is therefore a powerful detoxifier for the liver. Boldo may be toxic in very high doses, therefore it is not recommended to drink more than one cup of bodo a day.

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