Best Home Remedies For Blisters

Best Home Remedies For Blisters

Ways to Get Rid of Blisters
Blisters can be big nuisance till the time they sustain. But, they are easy to treat and get rid of. But, in some cases, blisters can be really severe. In that case, it becomes important to consult a doctor. But, initially and mostly they can be treated well at home. Different ways to get rid of blisters are:

Home Remedies For Blisters

1. Keep Cleaning 
Cleaning is first and the foremost step that should be continued in order to treat a blister fast. Cleaning is the thing that a blister requires. While you are cleaning it, you should drain it at first place. Draining becomes important as it prevents any kind of infection. If the blister is a fever blister then it can leave a very infectious fluid when popped. So, it becomes very important to clean it when popped.
Wash your blister with soapy water.
Take a sewing needle and make holes around the corners of the blister.
Make sure that you don’t puncture it in the middle.
When it has drained, wash it again. Do not let the fluid spread.
Apply some anti-biotic cream and cover it with a bandage.
Keep changing the bandage if necessary.
Also make sure that it is always clean and dry.
Watch for swelling and signs of infection. If you see any, consult a doctor.

2. Blister Plaster 
You can also use a blister plaster. If the blister is on the foot then it is one of the best ways to get rid of it. You can have a blister on the foot because of new shoes. Also, if you are athlete, jogger or runner then this is one of the best ways to get rid of blister. Cover your blister with a blister plaster. This will prevent it from getting hurt again and again. It will absorb the moisture and healing process will also speed up. These plasters are easily available at local pharmacy.

3. Cold Compress
Cold compress is also one of the most effective remedies for blisters treatment. Cold compress is one of the best ways to get rid of pain of the blisters. Along with the pain, it also helps treat inflammation and itchiness. What you have to do is warp a few ice cubes in cotton cloth and apply it on the blister. If you develop a blister due to burn then run cold water on it. It will help with the swelling an internal bleeding will also be stopped. If it itches, do not scratch it. Just covers the area with a wet cloth.

4. Aloe Vera 
Aloe Vera is one of the most amazing remedies, no matter what kind of blister is your blister. What you have to do is just apply some Aloe Vera Gel on the affected area. You can easily get Aloe Vera gel at stores but it is advised to go for fresh Aloe Vera gel. What you have to do is:

Cut a fleshy Aloe Vera leaf into two and extract gel from it.
Apply the gel on the affected area.
It will ease swelling and pain and will also help with the healing process.
You can also apply it by mixing it with vitamin E oil. You just have to mix both the ingredients in equal amount and apply it gently on the mixture. Apply it several times a day and you will be able to get rid of a blister easily. If you have a blister on your lips that you can also combine two drops of grapefruit seed with a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel and apply it on the blister.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar
It is used to treat a number of skin and health related problems. Apple cider vinegar is also one of the most amazing remedies for blister. What you have to do is dilute it with water and apply it on the affected area. Never apply it without diluting as it is acidic in nature. For more effective use:
Take a cup add half fill it with apple cider vinegar.
Add three teaspoon of castor oil to it.
Mix it well and apply it on the blister.
Apply it several times a day for best results.

6.Baking Soda 
Baking soda is also one of the most effective remedies used to cure a blister. When applied on blister, it creates and alkaline environment which is fantastic for blister. It fights of the symptoms of blisters and stimulate the healing process. What you have to do is:
Take a tablespoon of baking soda and add some water to mate.
Mix the two well to make a fine paste.
Apply the paste gently on the affected area.
You can wash it off after some time.

7. Petroleum Jelly 
Yes, the petroleum jelly kept in your drawer will help you with the blister. What you have to do is apply petroleum jelly on your blister. Apply it several times a day for best results. This works as a protective shield for blisters and protects it from environmental toxins.

8. Cucumber 
You can also go for cucumber in order to treat blister. Cucumber has the compound silica that strengthens the connective tissue of blood and thus helps with the healing process of blister. Follow the steps to use it:
Take a cucumber that was kept in the refrigerator.
Cut the cucumber into thick slices and rub it gently on the skin.

9. Oatmeal 
Oatmeal also helps with the healing process. Thus, it is also one of the most fantastic remedies used to cure blister. You just have to prepare a soak with oatmeal. To make the soak:
Fill the basin with warm water and add a cup of oatmeal to it.
Use the water to soak your feet.

10. Fresh Air 
Blister also requires fresh. Always keeping it covered is also not a good idea. Always keeping it covered stops the healing process. When the blister is exposed to fresh (not with pollutants, dust and dirt), healing process stimulates automatically. So, it is advised to leave the blister open as long as you can. If you are at home, then do not cover it. Leave it open and allow it to get some fresh hair. This will help dry blister easily. Leave it uncovered before going to bed.
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