Top 7 Fruits Using Skin Care

Top 7 Fruits Using Skin Care   

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There is no chemical product in the world that can beat all-natural . To give my skin a boost here or there, I like to use vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables. We all know that these foods are super healthy for our bodies, but in fact they are great for our skin as well! These are some of my favorite natural skin savers.Use them continuously for 3 months and see the difference.Choose as per your liking and requirements.

Massage a piece of ripe papaya on your face for blemish-free skin.

It is said cabbage mask is highly beneficial for sagging skin.Make a natural homemade facial mask using 3 tablespoons of finely chopped cabbage, 2 teaspoons of rice flour, and 1 egg white. Simply apply this homemade face mask over the loose skin on face for about 20 minutes.

Cucumber slices can be used to remove dark under eye circles and they can also be applied on your skin to remove sun tan. If you have dark underarms you can apply cucumber juice to your underarm areas 15 mins before taking a bath

4.Orange - 
Applying orange juice regularly are proven to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing

Apply pomegranate juice on your skin. Wash off when dry and soon you will discover that your skin will grow more radiant and supple.

6.Strawberries - 
Mash it into pulp and apply on face to remove sun tan

Grapes pulp can be used to tighten skin and to naturally bleach it.
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