Best 9 Ways to Prevent Gangrene

 Best 9 Ways to Prevent Gangrene

1.Less Fruits
Although fruits are typically suggested for improving immune health, when it comes to gangrene, cutting out fruits from the diet, or reducing them significantly, may be your best bet. Fruits tend to be very high in sugar, which can exacerbate the issues of gangrene if your body is struggling to get enough blood flowing to its tissues.

While changing your diet to account for the condition of gangrene, vegetables should get a definite boost. This can replace many of the nutrients you’ll lose by cutting back on fruits, while also delivering a number of key antioxidants and minerals that the body needs to repair and properly fend off the infections associated with gangrene.

3.Butcher’s Broom
This herb may not be the most common in your medicine cabinet, but it certainly has an important effect on gangrene. Butcher’s broom is anti-inflammatory in nature, and also improves blood circulation, which is the problem with gangrene. By losing blood flow to the infected tissues, those cells are likely to die or spread the infection further.

There are a few foods that always get a lot of attention for being “complete” proteins. Beans are one of these special foods, which makes them great for increasing our metabolism and immune system function. If you have an infected wound or a part of the body that isn’t receiving adequate blood flow, beans and their high protein content can help speed healing and increase blood flow, thus preventing necrosis.

For generations, echinacea has been considered one of the most effective remedies for immune system disorders. It can relieve pain and inflammation, which is crucial for wounds or infected areas of the skin and extremities. By eliminating swelling and promoting the elimination of pathogens, echinacea can help you bid a firm adieu to gangrene.

6.Olive Leaf Extract
Olive leaf has been used to promote the strength of the immune system for centuries. The highly concentrated olive leaf extract can be used for even faster effects. It can be topically applied to the wound, where the antioxidants will make quick work of the underlying infections.

Salmon and other oily fish are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which act as anti-inflammatory substances in the body. They can also promote healthy blood flow and improve circulation, which is important if you’re suffering from gangrene. Adding oily fish like salmon to your diet can protect you from infected wounds getting out of control.

8.Protein-Rich Foods
For cellular growth and repair to occur, the body needs protein, or else it can’t build new cells or power the existing cells to function properly. Protein-rich foods are essential when you are recovering from a wound or fighting off an infection. Some of the best sources of protein include eggs, yogurt, pistachio nuts, pork, chicken and turkey.

9.Avoid Soy
Although consuming soy products seems like a healthy option that many people choose, it is best to avoid soy when recovering from an injury or fending off an infection. Research has shown that soy products can actually promote the spread of gangrene, possibly due to soy’s impact on our hormonal levels.

Final Word of Warning
As mentioned above, gangrene can come in many forms and it can move quickly. Amputation and death are very real possibilities as a result of this condition. Therefore, these home remedies should be considered as supplemental strategies, but seeking formal medical attention is important, particularly if the gangrene has reached a serious, potentially lethal state.
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