Top 7 Effective Remedies for Diabetic Foot Infections

Top 7 Effective Remedies for Diabetic Foot Infections

One of the main problems with diabetic foot infections is that the blood can’t properly access the extremity of the foot, which means that infection-fighting compounds can’t protect the body from the diabetic foot ulcers. Caffeine is able to stimulate the central nervous system and increase blood flow and blood pressure, which may help some of the circulatory issues in the feet and also improve the immune response in that region.

2.Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a very important natural remedy for a wide range of health conditions, namely due to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic nature of the gel. When aloe vera gel is applied topically to the site of the inflammation and ulcer, you can reduce the pain and discomfort, while also eliminating the diabetic foot infection, thanks to the antimicrobial properties of aloe vera gel. You can also drink aloe vera juice for similar immune-boosting effects.

Black and blond psyllium are commonly used to improve the health and wellness of people suffering from diabetes, as it can help to regulate insulin and glucose levels. By remedying many of the side effects of diabetes, you can lower you chances of developing diabetic foot conditions, making this particular herb an important one to have in your medicine cabinet.

Honey remains the sweetest and most popular home remedy for diabetic foot conditions, as it is a naturally antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant substance, so applying it to any infected part of the body is a wise choice. The germ-fighting elements found within honey can give your foot an immuno-protective boost and prevent any further infections.

5.American Ginseng
This legendary herb is commonly recommended for people who suffer from diabetes, as it can help to regulate the body and many of its systems, including blood sugar levels. Ginseng also helps to improve the health of the immune system and prevent infections, such as diabetic foot infections, before they ever attack the body. Ginseng can be found in supplement form all over the world.

For generations, different cultures around the world have turned to astragalus for its many medicinal benefits, and the same is true when it comes to diabetic foot infections. When astragalus is applied directly to the skin, it is known to induce blood flow and speed healing. This will help a diabetic person overcome the microvascular circulation issues, helping to eliminate the underlying infection causing the ulcer.

7.Rhubarb Root
This uncommonly used herb has actually been in use for thousands of years, but it must be handled very carefully. Rhubarb contains a compound called emodin, which has incredible antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. When applied topically to the site of the ulcer, a rhubarb root preparation can quickly neutralize the infection and decrease the size of the ulcer, before the inflammatory response syndrome is triggered.
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