Top 5 Home Remedies For Diaper Rash

Top 5 Home Remedies For Diaper Rash

1.Keep Baby’s Bottom DryThe diaper holds urine and feces that creates a warm and moist environment perfect for the growth of bacteria, fungus or yeast. To prevent or treat diaper rash, allow the baby’s bottom to stay dry by letting her go bare-bottomed whenever possible. To avoid mess, keep your diaper-less baby on a plastic or rubber mat after wrapping her with a washable cloth. When you take the baby’s diaper off, expose the area to air for 10-15 minutes after cleaning the bottom gently. Before applying anything to the bottom area, make sure the area is completely dry and clean.

2.Avoid Use Of Commercial Baby WipesCommercial baby wipes often contain chemicals and alcohol that strips away the natural protective oil of your baby’s skin and makes it too dry. Cleaning baby’s bottom with mild soap, water and washcloth is the best way to prevent diaper rash.If rash is already there, clean baby’s bottom with a clean wet cloth after rinsing it thoroughly with plain water and then pat dry using a soft towel. Expose the bottom to air for 3-4 minutes to let it get completely dry before putting on a new diaper.

3.Use Skin Friendly Baby ProductsUse only those soaps, shampoos, oil and creams that have been designed specifically for baby’s tender skin. Using products that are meant for adults can irritate the baby’s skin because of the chemicals they contain. Also wash the baby’s clothes separately using baby detergent. Wash baby’s diaper in hot water without using fabric softener or bleach and rinse them twice before drying in the sunlight when your baby is suffering from diaper rash.

4.Use Baking SodaTo relieve your baby from painful diaper rash, use a tablespoon of baking soda in the baby’s bath water. The water should be lukewarm, not very hot.After bathing the baby, use Aloe Vera gel, petroleum jelly or vitamin e oil to heal diaper rash. Wait for few minutes to let it absorbed and then put on the diaper as usual.

5.Change Diaper OftenWhen it isn’t feasible to keep baby’s bottom diaper free, check baby’s diaper often and change as soon as possible. Rash will clear up faster if you are successful in keeping the baby’s bottom dry. Never use plastic pants over diaper which keeps the moisture in. Also refrain from using skin fitted diapers with leak guards that hold urine. Rather use larger size diapers that can let air in.
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