Home Remedies to Get Rid of Chest Acne Fast

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Chest Acne Fast

1. Salicylic Acid Soaps
Use a soap which contains cucumber and salicylic acid as ingredients. These ingredients work as drying agents which don’t allow oils to clog on the pores or hair follicles. But, be careful enough not to rub the body harshly as it may lead to excessive loss of body oil. A gentle scrub helps remove the dead skin cells from the chest area while bathing. A regular shower help clean the body by preventing accumulation of dead cells and oils. In addition to that exfoliation will also help fight the acne effectively.

2. Healthy Diet People who eat more fruits and veggies and lessen their milk and sugar intake, get lesser acne automatically. A handful of wall nuts every day will help arresting skin inflammation as it contains anti-inflammatory agents like omega-3 fatty acids. Remember that omega-3 fatty acids are available in fish, mainly sardine, salmon and herring, flaxseeds and leafy greens and it is better to take it raw wherever possible as oxygen damages the acids.

3. Drink Extra Water Water helps flush the toxins in the body and improves skin health. Recommended dosage for water ranges from 2.2 liters to 3 liters (for girls and boys respectively). Along with water intake, considerable reduction of sugar will prevent acne attack. Because, sugar causes generation of more insulin ,which in turn triggers pimple producing hormones.

Green tea (unsweetened) contains antioxidants, which help fighting the free radicals in the body. Free radicals create a lot of damage to the cells and accelerates the aging process. Therefore, never hesitate to take sugar free green tea as an alternative to drinks like sodas, smoothies and sweet juices.

4. Aloe-Vera
Aloe Vera is extremely effective in fighting acne problems. The rich content of anthraquinones, lectins and polysaccharides in aloe vera provides the therapeutic effect. Take fresh aloe vera leave and cut the gel out of the skin. Apply the gel on the acne area immediately after cutting it.

5. Fuller’s Earth 

Fuller’s earth works very well on acne-prone or greasy skin. It absorbs excess oil from the skin and cleans the pores from clogging. But never over-dries the skin. All you need to prepare a paste after mixing sandalwood powder, fuller’s earth and rose water in equal proportion and apply on the affected area as a pack. Wash off after 20 minutes using warm water and rejuvenate the skin.

6. Milk, Honey & Radish Seeds
Add one tablespoon of radish seeds, 1 tablespoon milk and one tablespoon honey and blend it properly to make a smooth paste. Apply a thick layer on the acne affected area on the skin and allow it to stay for two hours. Wash it with cool water and moisturize the surface nicely. It is used as a remedy for acne since long and proved to be very effective. The paste may however be preserved up to 5 days under refrigeration in case you keep it in an airtight container.

7. Cinnamon & Lemon Juice
Mix 3 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder and churn the mixture thoroughly. Take a brush and apply a thin layer of the mixture on the affected area. Leave it for one hour before washing with cool water. It can be used every day, but take care in case it causes irritation to your skin.

8. Toothpaste 
It is a common home remedy for acne removal. The toothpaste help dry out the acne which is caused by stimulated oil glands. Apply a thin layer on the acne affected area using a soft brush and keep it until it gets dry about 30 minutes. Wash the skin gently with cool water and repeat the process daily. Be careful in case it causes irritation.

9. Tea Tree Oil 
Take a cotton ball and soak it in tea tree oil. Apply the soaked cotton on the chest acne and it will help to get rid of chest acne effectively. Read more on our blog on how to use tea tree oil for acne?

10. Garlic Juice Garlic contains antibiotics, which kills acne creating bacteria. Take a garlic clove and peel off the skin. Crush the peeled clove and place it on the acne affected area. It heals the area quite fast. Apart from using crushed garlic, you may also squeeze the juice out and apply it on your skin.

Even though all the above-mentioned treatments help remove the acne quite easily, but it is always better to prevent acne by taking proper health care like regular shower, healthy diet, plenty of water etc. Drinking green tree also help remove body acne. Avoid taking sweet beverages and follow exercise regularly. Whenever you come back from outside, take a bath to remove sweat, which will otherwise clog the skin pores.
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