TOP 5 Tips to Pop a Pimple

TOP 5 Tips to Pop a Pimple

1. FOUR Steps to Pop a Pimple
A: Wash Your Hands ProperlyWashing hands is essential before you pop a pimple. Keep in mind, pimples are very susceptible, therefore, any added disease can worsen the situation. In this situation, avoid touching the pimple with exposed fingers as much as possible. Wash your hands properly. Make sure your nails are clean and trimmed.

B: Clean the Surrounding SkinFor this, use an antiseptic cleanser and using cotton, just wipe the close by areas of the pimple to get rid of any dirt, bacteria and excess oil that could hamper the popped pimple from curing fast.
C: ExfoliateExfoliation means of cleaning the dead skin on the pimple. It helps to relax the skin, making it easier to pop the pimple by reducing the strain you need to put with your finger tips. Apply few drops of exfoliator, if possible with salicylic acid, which helps to remove the dead cells of the skin. Wipe off with warm water so that it helps the pores open up.

If you have seen and read above, it has been mentioned how essential it is to clean your fingers before you pop a pimple. Therefore, to keep away any infection, it is always best to use cover or gloves on your key finger. If you’re using a blackhead / whitehead removing tool, make sure it is sterile and cleaned before you touch the pimple.

D: Pop at the Center of the PimplePut your fingers just near to the pimple and not on the pimple. Since you have previously exfoliated and your skin is not that rigid anymore, if you gently little pressure on your fingers, the pus would come out easily. Keep massaging the adjacent areas till the complete pus is out. Do not touch the pus or pimple the. Use cotton to clean it. Please note, if the pimple starts to lose blood, it is a sign that you have put too much pressure. This could also leave a mark behind. Once you are finished, clean the area with an antibacterial solution. Put a dot of gel that contains benzoyl peroxide which will boost the healing process by keeping the bacteria away.

2. The Extractor to Pop a PimpleIt is a thin, metal tool that looks a bit like something you have seen at a dentist’s office or a manicurist’s beauty salon. Extractors differ, but they often have one sharp-pointed edge end and one rounded, looped end. This is a low-cost option, and you can easily use it multiple times, if you make sure you cleanse it. One benefit of going to your doctor to get rid of pimples is that dermatologists use surgical-grade tools that are often better-quality than the ones accessible in drug or beauty stores.

3. Cotton Swab to Pop a PimpleAnother low-priced pimple-popping instrument is a cotton swab. Although you can’t use again swabs like you can with a comedone extractor, they are cheaper. Using cotton gives you a good access to a pimple. You can press the pimple from all sides and get into corner and crevice that you wouldn’t be able to feel with your fingers. Cotton swabs offer one more advantage by absorbing excess oil and pus that come out of the pimple, so there is no chance of spreading it across your skin and causing more problems.

4. Lasers and Light Treatments
Phototherapy does have benefits in cases of cystic acne. It certainly costs additional and often requires several visits, but you can’t pop acne cysts on your own. You may also want to go this way if you have areas of acne that are solid to reach, like on your back.

5. Using a Needle
In professionals a sterile needle is frequently used to cautiously break the surface of the skin, letting the pus to come out easier without any damage to the skin surface. The most essential thing here is making sure you only break the very top coating of skin. There should be no pain or blood whatsoever, in fact you actually should feel nothing but a mild scraping. Always use a sterile and thin needle – wash it with boiling water. Lit a match with the needle lying almost plane across your skin, very softly make a tiny split in the top layer of the skin on the whitehead if done correctly with less pressure the pus will ooze out by itself.
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