9 Amazing Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

let’s see in greater detail each of the oolong tea health benefits.

1.  Helps with Weight LossBecause of its powerful anti-oxidants and metabolism boosting substances (similar to those present in green tea), oolong tea can be of real help with losing weight. Research shows that drinking at least one cup of oolong tea every day not only inhibits feeling of hunger, but can actually change the way your body metabolizes fat, helping you become –and stay – leaner. Oolong tea is therefore considered the best tea that fights obesity, followed immediately by Chinese jasmine green tea.

2. Promotes Healthy SkinYou can have more beautiful skin if you consume oolong tea regularly. This is partly due to its properties of fighting eczema, and its anti-inflammatory properties. People who consume more than 2 cups of oolong tea a day reported more beautiful, even and luminous skin (aka a healthy glow).

3. Reduces Inflammation Levels in Your BodySpeaking of anti-inflammatory properties, oolong tea greatly reduces the overall inflammation levels in your body, just like green tea, only slightly more so. This anti-inflammatory effect promotes longevity and prevents cardio-vascular diseases, joint diseases like arthritis or degenerative diseases.

4.  Full of Anti-OxidantsEven richer in anti-oxidants than green tea, oolong tea is like having a little cup of prolonged youth day after day, so long as your oolong drinking habits remain stable enough to fully enjoy its effects. Anti-oxidants aren’t just great for staying younger for longer – both inside and out – but also for

5. Helps Prevent DiabetesOolong tea helps your body process sugar more slowly, over a longer period of time, reducing sudden highs (and ensuing lows) in your blood sugar levels. Such highs and lows (like the ones you have after eating concentrated sweets) are the main cause of decreased insulin sensitivity, which can lead to diabetes. Oolong tea helps prevent the incidence of diabetes, again, on the condition of everyday use or at least almost everyday use.

6.Helps Build Strong and Healthy BonesIn spite of the fact that it’s a caffeine drink, oolong tea doesn’t ‘eat up’ the calcium in your body, quite the contrary. This is perhaps one of the most surprising health benefits of oolong tea, but the drink helps fix the calcium you derive from food into your system (especially your bones), making them stronger and healthier. On the long term, oolong tea is also capable of preventing osteoporosis.

7. Helps with Mental Acuity and FocusOolong tea has been correlated to a good mental performance and focus, making it the ideal tea to be had during examinations and similarly demanding situations. If ginseng tea is usually advertised as good for learning, oolong tea is definitely the best choice for concentration and for helping you give your best (especially if its effects kick in as the result of everyday use).

8.Helps with Stress ManagementSpeaking of the heightened mental focus, oolong tea consumption has also been linked to reduced stress and anxiety levels, a great help to active and busy people everywhere. Of course, this is only a slight help and if you’re truly struggling with anxiety, a cup of this golden tea can’t replace therapy, but it definitely helps to count better stress management among the health benefits of oolong tea.

9. Anti-Cancer PropertiesClaims to anti-cancer properties are popular among all sources praising one superfood or another, but they are rarely verified by scientific facts (as a quick Wikipedia search can attest). This doesn’t hold true for green tea and oolong tea, which have actually outstanding cancer prevention properties, scientifically backed and proven. These anti-tumor properties are both because of the tea’s anti-oxidants, and because of the immune system boosting effects the everyday cup brings. In terms of green tea vs. oolong tea, oolong tea has been shown to be slightly more effective than its green counterpart, so while green tea is by no means a bad choice, it seems that oolong is best.
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