Top 5 Home Remedies for Shingles

Top 5 Home Remedies for Shingles

1.Take care of your disease
This might sound weird, but it’s not. When it comes to shingles, taking care of your condition actually means taking care of your blisters and irritations. Do not scratch them or further harm them in any way, as it will not help with the healing process but rather make it all worse. Don’t pick at them either. If you leave them be, they will form a crust in a natural way and then fall off without leaving any traces on your skin when you are healed.

Take lukewarm showers, as too cold or too hot a bath might cause you discomfort. Don’t wear any tight fitting clothes and make sure they are not made from synthetic materials. You need to allow your skin to breathe as much as possible and not cause further irritation. Also, it’s best if you refrain from any type of sporting activity, running, or jogging that might cause you to sweat. As you, probably, already know, sweat is salty, and it will cause even more pain and sting as the disease progresses. Try to work and sleep in a cool environment that will not cause your skin more damage and discomfort than it’s already experiencing.

Home remedies for shingles are simple. For example, do not let others touch you, rub against you or feel your irritation. Sexual intercourse should be avoided during the sickness period as well.

2. Water Is Your Friend
This entry on the home remedies for shingles list might not actually cure your disease, but it will help soothe you to a great extent. As pointed out above, lukewarm showers can work miracles for a distressed skin, as will cold compresses. Simply dip a cloth in cold water and let in sit on your affected area as long as you want. The coolness and the dampness of the water will relieve some of the pain, and you might even sleep better. You can even add some organic herbs and spices to that water, provided you are not allergic to them. Some of these plants are mint, lemon balm, chamomile, and lavender. They all have calming effects and will cool down your itchiness just enough for you to relax.

3. Help Your Skin
You can also help your skin to get better by not exposing it to direct sunlight or to freezing cold temperatures. If you suffer from this disease and are looking for some home remedies for shingles, try not to sit in the sun in the summertime or leave the house improperly dressed in wintertime. These extreme temperatures harm your skin and gravely extend the healing period.

Building on this idea for home remedies for shingles, don’t apply body lotions, creams, body butters, sun lotions, body and massage oils or self-tanning creams. Do not visit tanning salons, do not scrub, do not spray tan yourself during this period, and be generally careful about the hygiene products you use.

It might so happen that your regular shower gel, soap or shampoo damages you rather than help, so it’s best to leave it aside while you are recovering. Makeup and perfume might irritate you further, so be careful if and how much you use. It’s very tempting to put a lot of makeup on, especially if you have that type of shingles that covers one side of your face, to overcompensate from an aesthetic point of view, but it might actually harm you.

If the foundation and other face makeup products you use are not completely natural and organic, you might find they increase the rash and redness. Keep a fresh face while suffering from this disease.

4. Dry Out the Sores
One way of relieving the pain via home remedies for shingles is to help the sores dry out. Usually, they do dry out of their own accord, but this takes time. You can use some cornstarch or baking soda to hasten the drying process along. Mix a tablespoon of either powder with water until you get a runny concoction. Use a cotton swab or an immaculate cotton cloth to dab your affected areas as gently as you can. Repeat this throughout the day as many times as you want or feel the need to.

5. Clean Away the Crusts
Another great tip on our home remedies for shingles list is to clean away the crust the sores make while they are healing. You can simply soak them with water as hot or warm as you feel like or you can use some Burow’s Solution. This is a liquid made from water and 5% aluminum subacetate. It will relieve the itching and stinging in case your skin is irritated or inflamed. The great thing is that it works for other types of rashes too, not just for shingles. It also stops fungi and bacteria from growing and developing onto your skin and causing more damage.

You can buy Burow’s Solution in almost all drugstores and pharmacies, without a prescription. When it comes to shingles, it will not only clean away the crust but dry and soothe the skin as well, without leaving any scars.
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