Amazing Health Benefits of Juicing

Amazing Health Benefits of Juicing

1. Weight LossJuicing helps lose weight as it cleanses your body and improves your appetite. Mostly, vegetable juices aids weight loss because they contain fewer calories as compared to fruit juices. Drink a glass of vegetable or fruit juice 30 minutes before each meal. It will provide you all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Moreover, you can add hot spices such as cayenne, pepper, cinnamon, etc., to these juices, to stimulate your metabolism.

2. Builds Strong Immune System
One of the finest ways to maintain a healthy and strong body is to drink lots of fresh and organic juices. If you are feeling under the weather, juices will boost your immune system by charging it with its concentrated photochemical.

3. Hydrates Your BodyA glass full of freshly made juice can hydrate your body. Watermelon, carrot, celery, cucumber and many green vegetable juices fulfil the daily requirements of fluid in your body.

4. Maintains the Cholesterol LevelHigh cholesterol levels may raise the chances of heart attack and strokes. Juices help lower the LDL (Lower Density Lipoprotein) level and reduce the risk of heart diseases. Polyphenol-rich juices (such as pomegranate juice) effectively improve the cholesterol levels.

5. Instant Energy BoosterIf you are feeling stressed or worn out with hectic schedule, juice serves as an instant energy booster. Have a fruit juice; it will surely perk you up. But, the juice should be homemade. Moreover, green juices work faster as they contain chlorophyll which oxygenates the blood; increases the brain functioning, and ultimately energizes you.

6. Regulates the Blood PressureHigh blood pressure (hypertension) is the root cause of severe cardiovascular problems. The juice of beets helps regulate the blood pressure since it is a good source of potassium and folate, which plays an important role in balancing the BP.

7. Healthy and Radiant SkinWhether you are struggling with pimples or any other annoying skin condition, juices are always at your rescue and aid you get the flawless skin. Apple, beet, celery, aloe vera, tomato, orange, cucumber, papaya, and lemon juices are considered good for your skin. These juices purify your blood and, thus, improve your skin tone.

8. Detoxifies Your BodyDetoxify your body with your favorite juice! Celery and cucumbers are natural diuretics. Lemon, apple and ginger cleanse the body completely. Beets and cranberries cleanse the liver and bladder, respectively. Hence, a fresh homemade juice of any fruit will eliminate all the toxins from your body.

9. Keeps Your Body in the Alkaline StateJuices balance the pH level of your body. Juices of green vegetables keep your body in the alkaline state, thus, avoiding the harmful effects of the acidic foods consumed by you.

10. Improves DigestionEfficient digestion is very essential for maintaining a good health. The juices are packed with enzymes and nutrients which keep the functioning of digestive system smooth. When you cook vegetables, these enzymes get destroyed. But, in juices, they remain in active state. So, prefer raw fruits and vegetables and drink their juices to improve digestion.

11. Fights Urinary InfectionBeing rich in antioxidants, juices (especially cranberry juice) fight UTI. One should drink two glasses of cranberry juice on regular basis to fight such infection.

12. Cures InsomniaJuices help induce sleep. Drink plenty of fresh vegetable juices, particularly fenugreek juice and lettuce juice, to avoid insomnia- a sleeping disorder.

13. Treats Body OdorSince fruits are low in choline, they keep you away from bad body odor. Juices of apples, pears, oranges, strawberries, grapes, pineapples, bananas, and watermelon are considered best for this purpose. Direct application of lemon juice also eliminates bad odor.

14. Anti-AgingIt is impossible to hide your age when blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles clearly appear on your skin. Juices, specially beet-root, apple, cucumber and blueberry juice, contain antioxidants that fight-off free radicals and make you look younger than you are.

15. Improves Mental Health and WellnessStudies have shown that juices of fresh fruits and vegetables contain powerful mood elevators that greatly support mental health and uplift your mood without any side effects. So, whenever you feel depressed, anxious or dejected, drink your favourite juice that is well-off in vitamin C, E, or D.
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